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Opera Classic update for Android Lollipop

  • Hi, all.

    Today, we released a long-awaited fix for Mobile Classic. The app now runs on Android Lollipop (5.0).

    This might be our last update to Mobile Classic. We are no longer actively developing the app, since we switched to Chromium/Blink. Opera has more intuitive versions of our browsers in Google Play, with new features, better site compatibility and updated security. If you haven’t tried them, check them out on Google Play Opera for Android and Opera Mini Beta.

    While there, you may notice that we have a few different browsers listed, but we have delisted Mobile Classic from Google Play.

    Q: Why are you delisting Mobile Classic?

    A: We want to encourage new users to try out one of our actively-developed products – Opera for Android or Opera Mini Beta.

    Q: Where can I download Mobile Classic?

    A: From our download page you can find Opera Mobile 12.1.9

    Q: I have a phone running an earlier version of Android, and I’d like to upgrade to Lollipop. Will I get an automatic update of Mobile Classic?

    A: Yes.

    Q: My phone can’t run Opera for Android, what should I do?

    A: Try out Opera Mini Beta. You can keep running Mobile Classic, but bear in mind that we no longer actively develop this browser.

  • Actually I'm glad your delisting and offering everything from your own download page.

    Since Google P(l)ay started to nag me every day for entering payment details, started listening to everything I say, Google Now Hotwords, started to record more often where My location is, than I can think about it myself, I removed all GAPPS, and move to Android AOSP and F-Droid.

    I can recommend every-one to take that step. Google is turning Android (Wear) into Ankle monitor/Bracelet.

    So we need alternative download spots.

  • Doesn't work well on the Nexus 7 (2nd edition). Okay, the interface was too small on the HD screen even before Google updated to Lollipop - that hasn't changed. But for some reason this update is confused about my page width. I can only see the left half of any page in this forum. I rotate my tablet to landscape, and the page margins increase so I still only see half the page. And it won't scroll right. It is convinced my device is twice as wide and therefore there is nothing to scroll. 😞

  • Can you confirm that Opera Turbo mode works? I mean if it's actually working, not related with forums problem.

  • When it's so hard to read any browser messages? I can confirm that if I set it to "Always on" it stays at that setting, and that it seems to load these forums. But I haven't figured out where I'd see the actual status or data savings (if I could read them), so I can't say that it isn't just ignoring my setting or some such.

  • Must be on help page, the old saving info bar for data savings per session/total. Check URL, turbo2 proxy must forward another IP after turbo on\off switch.

  • @sgunhouse I've got a Nexus 7 second gen here and I don't see that issue. Can you send a screenshot and some more detailed info on device model?

  • how to enable bitmap font settings in opera classic.


    Not sure what you need for details on device model ... says "NEXUS7 - ASUS - 2816" on box.

  • Very strange indeed. I've tried all possible combos of settings I could think of but I can't repro this. If you go in to Settings in Android an press the About tablet what's the Android version and Build number? e.g. 5.0.2 and LRX22G which is what I have.

  • Same as you have, actually. And Kernel version 3.4.0-g154def4, if that matters.

    Okay, while I was there I emptied the cache and reset Opera's data and now it looks normal - but that doesn't explain it.

  • Thanks guys. :u:u

  • Seems to be having issues again. Not responding at all.

  • Downloading now. I thought I'd never see my old friend Opera Classic again - it feels like it's been such a very long time.

    Thank you, Opera People!


    *My Speed dial is syncing right now.
    *And I can delete ALL the preinstalled Bloat Links on the Speed Dial
    *Always-on Desktop mode.
    *I get to decide what search engine I want to use (STARTPAGE)
    *I can remove most all of the spyware built deeply into the guts of this thing (with a bit of effort - well worth it!

    Now uninstalling all the other stupid browsers I didn't like, but still had to use.\

    Thanks so very much, I really thought I'd never get it back.

    Cheers! happy browsing!

  • Still not working. It worked for fine for the first few days, then bam, nothing but a white screen. Anyone else using a HTC one on Android 5.0 having issues?

  • @g0d951 Try with sslv3 disabled.

  • @custdemotest, explain. I'm not sure what you mean.

  • sslv3 is enabled by defaut, see 'config:' page.

  • sslv3 is enabled by defaut, see 'config:' page.

    Either that or Webgl should be disabled in case that pages are whited after gpuclean.

  • Glad to see Opera classic working on Lollipop because even with popup blocker enabled on Mobile and Mini there is far too many sites where the site loads then either instantly or after I press the screen an ad page loads up on the same tab.
    Plus on Mobile I sign into my account and my bookmarks just don't show up anywhere, so because of these problems Mobile seems like a pointless browser to me and just use Classic & Chrome.