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  • Is this possible? I'm using Opera Beta for Android so managed (finally) to sync the bookmarks, but is there any way to select a folder and open ALL the bookmarks in that folder into different tabs?

  • Doesn't seem to be ...

  • When I change tab always refresh the page. What is this? Please Fix this bug.

  • When I change tab always refresh the page. What is this? Please Fix this bug.

    Not for me, ain't there, this bug I mean. The only time when I encounter this problem it was with default Android 4.4.3 browser checking desktop UA from debug menu, even ICS single core devices doesn't fit the profile. Can you mention the device brand and OS fw/sw?

  • @boti99 What you're seeing is your Android system running low on memory. The architecture of Opera is such that each tab runs in its own process. The reason for this is twofold; for security reasons and so that background tabs kan be killed by the system when it needs to free up resources. The alternative would be for the entire browser to be clobbered by the system and that's a much worse experience.

    Like I've mentioned in other threads we've introduced a technology called Texture Compression which together with coming improvements will reduce overall memory usage. Low memory improvements are also going on upstream in the Chromium project.

  • @emoller Thanks for the answer. My phone is Samsung (i9070) Galaxy S Advance. My phone have 768 MB Ram. How can I do (make) that the tabs in the background stay in memory.

  • @emoller

    @boti99 What you're seeing is your Android system running low on memory.

    Nope. I have more than 400 MB of free RAM on my 1 GB device (CyanogenMod/MinimalGApps/disabled apps) and Opera keeps letting its tabs reload when in the background.

  • Bump ANDEX-20260

  • @rafaelluik there's no bug to fix per se... but the upcoming memory improvements will help. You could try to switch to using tablet layout, that will conserve some memory on your device which may help.

  • @emoller I reflected about it and I think I know what you mean, this free area of RAM is actually shared by cached processes from all kinds of different apps in the phone right... And Android decides on its own to kill Opera's tabs sometimes and that's what causes the issue...

    However, there's a programming method to keep the app alive.
    From my understanding you can tell the Android OS to make Opera a high-priority process so it'll not be killed that easily by the automatic memory managing, at the cost of displaying a persistent notification for Opera in the status bar. Nothing like that is feasible or another solution to make Opera processes persist better? (What I don't know is if each tab would have to have its own notification or if you can make a single notification for Opera or suppress the notification altogether.)

    Thanks for finally bringing some clarification to this issue, we have been asking about it since about the release of Opera 16. 🙂

  • @rafaelluik well it's actually really easy to force all the processes in Opera to stay alive by setting a really high priority for them. The problem then is that as the system starts running low on memory vital system processes will get clobbered instead... like the virtual keyboard that pops up when you want to type in the URL bar. Eventually the whole system will stop working.

    So...I'm sad to say that what we have now is actually the best you can do. Yes it's annoying when background tabs reload, but it's relatively harmless compared to the keyboard being killed when you try to type. The way to improve it is to try to reduce overall memory usage and that work is ongoing from our side... but it's hard and takes time.