Unable to Download O 27.0.1689.69 due to suspected trojan

  • Hello, I woke up this morning to find Opera deleted from my computer despite me 100% knowing I had not deleted it, so I attempted to download it again on the website to find that my AhnLab V3 365 anti-virus software cannot allow me to download Opera due to a suspected trojan in the download process. I shut down AhnLab for a few moments to allow the download which still continues to have an error and be unable to download. Are there any solutions to this problem on my part?

  • Tell them to fix their software.

  • Did you downloaded (or are trying to download) Opera from http://www.opera.com/computer or from a reliable font?

    If so, then it may be a false positive. Try testing with other antimalware softwares.

  • Certainly, check your system for malware using some other AV tools. However, FWIW, Ahnlabs has demonstrated a relatively high false-alarm rate in past AV Comparative testing: AV Comparatives (this is a pdf document). That could be what is occurring here, but if so, you'd need to contact AhnLab's support lab for further information or a remedy.

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