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help please: new opera missing stuff!

  • Hi,
    sorry to bother, maybe its just me but I feel like I just lost an old friend: my old opera.
    two major things bugging me with new version:
    keyboard shortcut behavior: i loved to switch between the last used 2-5 tabs by holding Ctrl and pressing tab 2-5 times.... pls dont tell me that thats not possible anymore! just switching between active and last active tab? buhhh!

    2nd: no thumbnails of opened tabs anymore? step back, honestly!

    pls tell me that i am all wrong and how to get this work, and if i am right: which old version is still having that? where can i get that version (in operas old version archive i dont find anything)

    sad greetings, ex opera fanboy

  • also no build in ad blocker? i am out, back to 12.17

  • i loved to switch between the last used 2-5 tabs by holding Ctrl and pressing tab 2-5 times...

    Ctrl + Tab seems to be working here. Maybe you need to enable "advanced keyboard shortcuts"

    2nd: no thumbnails of opened tabs anymore?

    Enable it in settings: Show tab previews

    also no build in ad blocker?

    Nope, you can use a extension for this.

  • switch between the last used 2-5 tabs

    The 1 and 2 keys can also be used to cycle forwards and backwards through the tabs.

    no build in ad blocker?

    The new opera has decent extensions now, so you don't have to have everything built in. The old widget system was basically useless, that is no longer the case. There are several good ad blocking extensions now that come with their own lists. You don't need to roll your own or download and manually edit text files to make a blocklist with them. Most other 'missing' features have been replicated using extensions now. Several are noticeably improved over the ones built in to Opera 12. Adblock, Sessions, image handling, etc.

    That said, Opera 12.17 is the last 'classic' version of Opera. Beware though; its 2 years old and wont see anymore updates. Its rapidly falling behind from a web page support standpoint and the number of web pages that doesn't render on it properly is growing by the day.

  • thanks for the useful and quick replies!
    ok, that cylcing through tabs with 1 and 2 is nice. also the new way of tab previews is nicely done. although not as good to get an overview with many opened tabs.
    i just had a look at the keyboard customisation in 12.17: there wasnt a thing you couldnt customize in your own way! i am just realizing now.
    ok, ad blocker isnt a biggi, didnt go into extensions so far (didnt need to)...
    @lando242: you are certainly right with opera 12 beeing old and having probs with quite some pages, it is kind of annoying to use IE in order to do my online banking and some other stuff, but i learned to live with it.
    I am just hoping that maybe the next opera version will be a bit more towards the heavy user again, i. e. giving more shortcut customization options back to the user...
    anyhow, opera still rocks, for me its gonna be 12.17 for some more days, month, who knows...
    good day everybody!

  • You can try it now if you want. The next release of Opera is in test under the Beta channel. The one after that is in test in the Dev channel. For the most parts the improvements are minor but they are remarkably stable for testing release. I've been using the Dev channel releases since I switched over to the new Opera and its currently on version 29.