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Recover lost passwords from backup

  • Hello.

    I have reinstalled my system (Linux Mint 17 64-bit) and I have restored all my settings from the .config folder but my stored passwords are gone.

    How can I restore my lost passwords?

    I still have a full backup of my old Home folder but I'm not sure which files I need to copy to the new Home folder to recover the stored passwords.

  • ~/.config/opera/Login\ Data

    it's a sqlite 3 file.

  • Thanks for the answer but I have that file in my Opera folder already and my passwords are still lost:

    ![Alt text] (

    Have I lost my passwords permanently?

  • It is encrypted. In Windows it is encrypted to the user account, which means if you reformat and do a fresh install it is no longer accessible. (Not the username, so that you can't just create an account with the same name on some other machine to read it.) I haven't heard what they do on Linux but would guess it was similar. If so, the file is now unrecoverable.

  • You need:

    • ~/.config/opera-beta/
    • ~/.local/share/keyrings/

    The opera password database is Login\ Data and Login\ Data-journal and may be you use a GNOME keyring oder KDE wallet?

  • Solved, thanks.

    I had to copy the Opera keyring file from ~/.local/share/keyrings to my new Home folder.

  • If someone has kwallet as keymanager, restore:

    • ~/.kde/share/apps/kwallet/*
    • ~/.kde/share/config/kwallet*
  • I was having password problems today, one particular password, current Opera version, and the Synchronisation tool fixed it. It's under Settings > Basic. It's useful for keeping stuff matched between different machines, and one reason I keep using Opera despite the problems there can be with video codecs.

    I know this is an old thread, but it keeps popping up on search engines. This answer works in August 2018, v55.0 under Linux.