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Change post time to local time

  • Let's say there is a post today at 3:30 (AM). But, since I don't know what clock the site is watching, I can't tell when it was posted in my time zone. Is it possible to change the display date to local time?

  • Here the posts times are in local time although one hour earlier because the forum doesn't seem to follow daylight savings settings.

    Is your country correct in your account settings?

  • I disagree. Better to have a (the) universal time througout.

    And we already have a couple of threads about time settings.😛

  • Off topic, but it annoys me more that there is no way to tell exactly when older posts were made, as they only show the month and year, not the date!

  • Especially in the case of posts yesterday. I'm usually (well, always) up at 11 PM local, which it thinks is midnight. I can't see the time on posts made before 11 because they just list the day, even though they may have been made 10 minutes previous.

  • My own preference would be for the forums to use coordinated universal time for all timestamps plus a full date for all datestamps, for all posts regardless of age. There are so many variables that can sneak in and mess up local-time conversions and it can be difficult to refer to a prior post that is part of a fast-paced, continuing dialogue without referring to its timestamp. Unfortunately, with local timestamping, that timestamp won't necessarily agree with what the other party sees on his system set to a different local time. The only alternative is to quote chunks of the references text, which can really bloat the size of response postings.

  • Black, you're still in the Shadow mode. I clicked the board just in case - the case it was... :rolleyes:

  • Well, I have no idea why. In my browser (FF35, at the moment), my new posts generally bump both me and the thread to the top of the index. The only exceptions seem to be when I get trapped by the spam filter... which lately seems to happen about 1 in every 5 or so posts.

    *edited to add: And the bumping upward of my posts has successfully occurred on my browser for both the posts I've made today in this thread. I just checked this one. *

  • It ain't showing on the main page!..

  • You sure it's him Josh? Maybe you're looking at an old version of the page.

  • You sure it's him Josh?

    On the contrary, he's definitely not Josh.