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  • Maybe read the other posts in this thread before posting? A fix was already put out there not three lines up.

  • I didn't like this new speed dial page either. A logo on a link was better, now I should read links with a magnifying glass.
    By typing the mark ^ to the address bar didn't lead to the flags. Can someone give step-by-step instructions how to get rid of this new speed dial, please!

  • To access the flags' page, type "opera://flags"

    Without the double quotes.

    Also read things more slowly and think before typing. This might help.

    Oh and just in case you still don't understand : "^ type it in the address bar" actually meant "look at the message above in the thread". The ^ represents a little arrow pointing upwards.

    That being said, I agree the new design is awful and please can we get back to the previous clean one. Don't see a flag for that, though.

  • Hello,
    I don't understand, how can I have the "flat" version of the speed dial?

  • To disable the navigation bar feature at the bottom of your screen, please enter the following in the Opera address bar:


    Select 'Disabled' then re-start Opera.

  • Hi Fibojoly,
    While reading/writing I was not hasty at all. Maybe you should remember at the Opera headquarters that English is not the mother tongue of all people. I'm from Scandinavia and can manage with English somehow, but already in the East or Southern Europe they have huge difficulties to understand, not to mention other continents. On the other hand, we old timers don't know all the symbols of the youngsters. The easier texts you write, the easier everything will be for you too.

  • I am also annoyed by the new update.

    I much preferred the bar with Speed Dial, bookmarks etc on the left and not the bottom.

    Default Speed Dial in Opera27 is back to the old style, looks ugly, really slow. If you use flags and set it to experimental it is buggy as hell, there is a little black bar with a text description at the bottom of a few of my speed dials but not on others. No gear to click easily configure speed dial.

    The whole thing is horrible.

  • Hey guys! Opera MUST hear us. New, never meant better. Windows millenium, vista and even W8 failed. Today Microsoft has the insider program to listen to users and thus build the windows 10. PLEASE LISTEN TO US. The new speed dial sucks and is confuse and ugly. Commands are many easiest to left. Where are the transition, transparency, speed ? I've reinstalled chrome with an extension called speed dial that is still better than the new opera. Stop making more changes .. If the team is winning don't make changes. The windows 10, offers several features of Windows 7, as users wanted. Do not do as iexplorer who lost their users. I don't have time to lose configuring what was already working.

  • Translation with Google > Hei folkens! Opera MÅ høre oss. Ny, aldri ment bedre. Windows millenium, vista og selv W8 mislyktes. I dag Microsoft har insider program for å lytte til brukerne og dermed bygge vinduene 10. PLEASE lytte til oss. Den nye hurtigtasten suger og er forvirre og stygg. Kommandoer er mange lettest mot venstre. Hvor er overgangen, åpenhet, hastighet? Jeg har reinstallert krom med en utvidelse kalt speed dial som fortsatt er bedre enn den nye operaen. Slutte å gjøre flere endringer .. Hvis laget vinner ikke gjør endringer. Vinduene 10, tilbyr flere funksjoner i Windows 7, som brukerne ønsket. Ikke gjør som iexplorer som mistet sine brukere. Jeg har ikke tid til å miste konfigurere det som allerede var i arbeid.

  • The devs don't get out to the forums much. All you're doing is complaining to the users. You're much better off going to the suggestion box forum or posting replies in the comments after a release .

  • Translation with Google

    And this translation would be for....?

  • Thank you very much leocg for the webui navigation tip.
    That was the most distasteful thing putting that bar at the bottom.
    Again thank you.

  • Brilliant, thank you quadtube.

    How completely arrogant of them to make a horrid change like that and then make US search for a way to undo their stupidity.

    lando242, tried that. They ignore all posts just as Google and Firefox ignore all posts.

    Arrogance, thy name is Opera.

  • As old Woodrow Wilson once said "If you want to make enemies, try to change something."

  • In The Address Bar Type: opera:flags

    Enable: Experimental start page

  • Since the help here was SO speedy, can I repeat my question here about the bookmarks search bar and whether it is a problem specific to me?

    I have lots of bookmarks on the unsorted bookmarks page, and when I begin to type a search in the 'search bookmarks' bar, it cuts me off at a few letters. Therefore, it comes back with inaccurate data.

    Does this happen to anyone else? If yes, how can I fix this? It is annoying beyond the pale.

    Thank you.

  • I don't have many bookmarks in the unsorted section but I do have several hundred bookmarks that are sorted. I have no problems when searching for bookmarks. That said, I'm using Opera Dev version 28, so I guess thats not very helpful.

  • anyone knows how to change the speed dial image?

  • @milooshea

    What happened to the new speed dial page, to which I'd just accustomed and had nicely organised? Now it's disappeared and my speed dial icons no longer fit on one screen and I have to scroll down. V annoying.

    You may want to try unchecking "Use big Speed Dial thumbnails" in the settings. I know it won't bring the modern icons back (which I liked but not for all pages) but it'll give you more space. You can also play with zoom on the Speed Dial (Ctrl +, - and Ctrl+0) or set the manual size in the advanced settings.

    Oh you can also remove the search field above the Speed Dial to get more space with a hidden power users settings (it's enabled by clicking in empty space in the settings page and typing the Konami Code), you can also remove bottom navigation bar with the flag for now.


    anyone knows how to change the speed dial image?

    Not very practical right now but works:

  • Thank you, lando. Not sure what I clicked on, but my command bars are in POLISH. How do I undo this?

    Hovering doesn't give me the language choices again.

    Wow. Too bad Firefox is so screwed up.