Bookmark moving/ sorting function

  • In the next iteration would it at all be possible to have a "select mutiple and move" function?

    This would usually entail a checkbox and then everything that has been checked moving when one is picked up.

    That way I can more easily sort my 5000> bookmarks that have been imported

    Doing them one by one is a job that is never done!

    YES there is already a tick function but there is NO indication what this is for. It definitely doesn't make a selection of bookmarks moveable as a group.

    THANK YOU!!!

  • Achh!

    So apparently in opera flags opera://flags/ this is an option turned off by default:

    Multidrag in Bookmark Manager
    Mac, Windows, Linux
    Perform drag and drop operations on multiple items in the bookmark manager.

    So hopefully it will solve all my bookmark problems 🙂

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