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How to revert the modern look of speed dial thumbnails?

  • It doesn't work so simply. At first you have to remove it from speed dial and then add it again, this time with thumbnails you want. I have hundreds of speed dial entries and I cannot imagine to do it one by one. Holy shit!

  • Well, maybe its because I'm using version 30 and not 29 but it works exactly as I described for me.

  • just to make clear. You have the new speed dial with thumbnails showing website-address-text and you want the old speed dial with an image from the website as thumbnail?

  • Right the opposite.

  • Please write and explain more. So you have the old speed dial with thumbnails showing website-Address-text and you want the new speed dial with an image from the website as thumbnail?

  • I have the old speed dial with images from the website as thumbnails and I want to have the new speed dial with thumbnails showing website-address-text.

  • For the new speed dial set opera://flags/#experimental-start-page on activated. But I can't find another way than to open the website, click the top-right-heart and change the thumbnail for speed dial and bookmark in the pop-up. Maybe someone knows a way to change multiple new speed dial thumbnails at once.

  • Maybe someone knows a way to change multiple new speed dial thumbnails at once.


  • Many Many thanks

    Opera 29 was using a new looking speeddial that I don't like and disabling the experimental start page all has

    a better looking look



  • Just updated to Opera 29 stable and I cannot find again how to revert the modern look of speed dial thumbnails. Anyone?

    Open opera://flags/#experimental-start-page ,deactivate it and restart Opera.

    Thanks, this helped with my problem. White spaces, bye bye

  • Many Many thanks
    Opera 29 was using a new looking speeddial that I don't like and disabling the experimental start page all has
    a better looking look

    I agree. Disabling it looks a lot better to me. You get a nice contrast for the frame against the white. The all white look is jarring. I hope they go back to what they had with "disabling mode," as most people won't know how to fix it. Also, I'm concerned that we may lose the ability to go into "Disabling mode" in a the next/a future update.

  • Disabled. Thank you so much, it was horrible - change and update the browser? Great, thank you. Optimize things? Fantastic. But seriously, stop %!#!ing around with my speed dial.

  • Found it!
    Go to opera:flags#experimental-start-page and select "Enabled" from the dropdown, and restart the Opera. If needed click on "Go back to the new start page" in the bottom-right.

    Thank you so much! I really dislike the new "titles". All I want is my screenshots.

  • apparently they upgraded me - and my speed-dial has reverted to those horrible text icons. I really want to see the image of the page - it tells me why the page was important.. who can do anything with a bunch of gawdy letters and kindergarten colors jumbled together...
    HOW do I get rid of these new icons and get back to the page thumbs that I like!..
    I did the advice on this page last time and it worked - but there is no exerimental-start-page listing anymore...
    does this mean I'm just stuck with this interface?

  • When you visit the page use the heart icon then cycle through the images to set the image of your speed dial thumbnail. One of the options will be to use a snapshot of the web page like the previous version of Opera (Opera 30).

    In upcoming versions there will be more customization options for Speed Dial.

  • Okay, here's what's crazy. Right now I can create a thumbnail for the Speed dial, by using the heart icon, and setting up a link for the speed dial with it. With the heart icon, you can select thumbnails or those candy colored icons for the Speed Dial (and you have tons of choices). Sounds good. It is very good! I like the freedom of choice the heart icon gives you. You can even have a speed dial with some icons and some thumbnails. And you can select your thumbnails from different pages of the same website (so you can more easily distinguish links within a folder of thumbnails). And this feature was there in version 30, and possibly before. So Opera has been giving every reason to believe that they were going to be giving users a choice between thumbnails and icons for the long term. But what version 31 did is changed upon the update my 80-100 thumbnails on the speed dial (I'm too lazy to count 🙂 to the icons (the "modern" look). Why would Opera give you the ability to create thumbnails as they are currently still doing doing via the heart icon (when you initially set up a speed dial link), but then with this version 31, to take your speed dial entries and change everything from thumbnails (if that's what the user selected) back to the icons. It's very annoying.

    They had to have made a mistake. So maybe they will fix it. One hopes. We'll see. In the meantime, they've left my setup a mess, because I'm not going to spend hours to recreate 80 to 100 speed dial entries so that I get the thumbnail look again (with the thought/fear that when the next update comes along, they'll zap me once more, changing all my selections back to icons). I'll use another browser and from time to time check back to see if this is fixed.

  • tired of your new express what panel removed all possibility of return to the Express icons to thumbnails panel recently did the right in the browser is not added except for the inconveniences for many years enjoyed the OPERA but now it turns into an awkward stuff that can not be adjusted

  • @ssdimm

    Google translate isn't nearly as good as Google claims. Don't use it to make posts on the forum. It just comes out as a line of nonsense.

  • Opera 31.1... all my speed dial icons have reverted back to that god awful text boxes - looks like kindergarten with absolutely no way to know what you have or what you're looking at..
    is there anybody out there knows how to change back?.. (the above opera://flags/#experimental-start-page... no longer exists - I've searched that page up and down and backways and there is no experimental start page...)

    (I'm using chrome more and more... I really like opera - and would have liked to continue using this as my main browser - but I cannot keep coming home - opening my browser and finding my stuff all turned upside down... -
    just let me set it up the way I like it - and leave it alone!.. please!.

    any help to get my good old fashioned "webpage preview" icons back on my speed dial?

  • @asl4u

    Yes. While you can't make it look exactly like the old experimental start page you can get thumbnails and other icons back.

    Also, in the future please actually read the threads before asking the question. IF you had read it you would have gotten the answer and not needed to post.