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Can somebody help my Opera browser

  • try advanced system care then cuzz it runs different diagnostics too and again free and paid programs.

  • Try to turn off your fire wall and then proceed ahed

  • Go to settings, you might have to check the option to show advanced settings, and uncheck "Use hardware acceleration when available (requires Opera restart)" - restart Opera. If it's already unchecked, check it and restart.

  • Try going to the Opera menu - Settings and disable hardware acceleration (you have to enable the checkbox to display advanced settings first). Then restart Opera.

    You could also try updating your graphics driver.

  • SGUNHOUSE ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT DISK CLEAN UP IN WINDOWS 7?I'M NOT SURE THAT IS I NEVER HEARD BEFORE I LOOK IT OP ABOUT THAT AND IT CAME UP WITH DISK CLEAN CLEAN UP.I have done this and did it before and still didn't solved my problems. i'm using Opera version 26.01656.60

  • i have tried using The Advanced System care and there were alot errors and there were updates that needed for drivers and i fixed all that and updated the drivers and still no luck of fixing my problems.i think there is a virus on my computer but none of the virus programs that i have used and the tech support had use too that is not detected. if there is a virus on my computer i going need alot stronger programs that will detect the virus.and there something weird going on with the browser i couldn't get on the opera browser earlier and now i can get it now.i have also tried disable hardware acceleration but still no luck.

  • If the problem only occurs in Opera (and not in other browsers), then you could see if the problem is in some setting in Opera by creating a new profile. Go to About Opera and copy the path given for your profile, then close Opera. In a file explorer window, go to that path (some of the folders are hidden so the easiest thing is to paste the path into the location bar) then go up one folder so you can rename it. Opera will create a new profile with default bookmarks and such, see how it performs. If it is the same, then you can close Opera, delete the new profile, and rename the old profile back to its original name to get all your settings back. If Opera works better with the new profile then you can copy your bookmarks and such to the new profile (and hopefully not copy whatever setting was causing the problem).

  • I would think if you had that huge a virus problem it would go thru ALL of your browsers? Slow down ALL of your functions? You could try a bit of research before you do anything else and find out the answer to my question...
    Can a virus attack only one browser when you have several?

  • ok I asked a tech guru friend and he said use an uninstall software program to get rid of the virus (if that's the issue). It may be in the software of the Opera browser so doing it manually won't get that out. There are free ones on the web.

  • IObit he says is really good and you can choose free or pro

  • Yay! I found my problems.i deleted my opera user data when i unistalled opera.when i reinstalled the opera and went on the internet using the opera browser i got a whole new home page it like brand new. this how the page look when i from the very first time i installed opera.since i deleted my opera user data it has solved all my problems no more problems when i had my internet explorer updated and fix.this what i need to do with all of long.i didn't think about it until now or anybody didn't think about this too.i guess this wasn't a virus after all.i want to thank you for your suggestion and help.

  • lol so if you ever get a pernicious virus in your browser, you'll know what to do 🙂 (Me too)