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How to change Opera taskbar icon?

  • How can I change the taskbar icon on Opera? I've Googled the whole day but haven't found anything. Once I change the icon for the shortcut and pin it into the taskbar, Opera launches another taskbar icon with the default icon? With Skype I changed the actual SkypeIcon.exe from the Installer folders but can't find anything like it for Opera.

    Is there a way or do I need to go with another browser?

    Here are some pictures:


  • You'll go to another browser if you can not change the task bar icon ?.

    What absurd reason to give up using a particular piece of software.

    Anyway, the location for the icon I think you are looking for is in the 'launcher.exe' in the Opera root folder.

  • A shortcut is just a shortcut. Its not the main program. Thats a Windows issue not an Opera issue. Also, Opera 12 is very out of date. You should upgrade.

  • @linuxmint7

    Yes, I'll change the browser if a basic feature like this doesn't work. Theres a fix for other browsers and programs, I'd like to find one for the new Opera.

  • Still looking for a solution. Can I contact Opera Software somewhere? Can't seem to find any contact info.

  • Opera isn't going to give you support for a web browser thats 2 years out of date. Regardless, this isn't an Opera issue. You can't change the icon of an executable file in Windows, only shortcuts to the executable. Shortcuts are not the executable, only a link to them. Once you've run the shortcut whatever icon it is using is irrelevant to the executable. Still, you shouldn't be using Opera 12. Its very out of date and has security vulnerabilities that aren't going to be fixed. You should really upgrade. If the current version of Opera is not to your likely than Firefox, Chrome or even Vivaldi would be a better choice.

  • Can I contact Opera Software somewhere? Can't seem to find any contact info.

    Opera doesn't offers individual support.

  • @lando242

    I'm using Opera version 27.0.1689.69, where do you get the idea that I'm using 12? It is an Opera issue when every other program allows me to change the icon, whether its with the shortcut or the actual icon file. I could change it if I knew where the source icon file is for example.

  • I don't think it's a issue. Just because you can do it in other programs, doesn't mean that this is a issue.

    Even if it was a issue, it wouldn't be a important one.