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Opera 26, ask before closing and tab resizing

  • I've tried this "new" Opera for few days.
    Two things that were silently dropped in new (but were important for me in 12.xx) presented themselves rather quickly.

    *Since you can't no longer resize tabs you're forced to open different windows and resize them. (Ie. having game and chat window of game side-by-side, risking accidental closing.)

    *Thing that made Opera first-of-its-kind, 'ask before closing' has been dropped. (It made me love Opera even more.) My question: Why?

  • The differences between Opera 12 and Opera 26 are numerous and too much to list here. I recommend you read the change logs of the various releases if you can. The reason for these changes is pretty simple: Opera 15+ is a completely program from Opera 12. They switched rendering engines and rewrote all the other code form the ground up. So, any feature that is 'missing' or 'changed' from Opera 12 is because there is no shared code and is simply has not be added to the new program. Some features wont be re-added by the dev team, Notes, built in IRC and email clients, the sidebar, etc, but could see life as an extension made by others. Other features and improvements are on their way. You can see whats coming down the pipe by reading the patch notes of the Beta an Development releases.

  • I thank you for your kind answer.

    ...Maybe I just used Presto-based Opera for too long.

    I don't really care about Notes, Irc/mail nor sidebar, but missing those two things that I mentioned in first post make me feel I'm walking in otherwise lovely shoes that are two numbers too small.

  • I'm using Opera 34 and lacking of this CRUCIAL feature, which is making lots of people swearing against developers of Opera. I had, imagine i have 20 tabs open and accidently i hit the close X on the top-right. You can see what happens!

    That's totally unacceptable. Any news for this?

  • You can reopen a closed window, it shows up on the closed tabs dropdown.