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Are you trying to get us to stop using Opera?

  • I've been a loyal user of Opera for as long as I can remember.
    However wtf are you developers doing now seriously? Are you trying to get us all to stop using this?
    You've removed basic functionality, such as mouse gestures, files associations,
    user style sheet? I'm trying to make this work, but my patience is extremely being tested by this.
    I want to do extremely basic things that I've always done with Opera and I'm finding it
    impossible. It's not even in the secret advanced options. I seriously do not understand what is wrong with you people, as Opera has always been
    based on us, loyal power users and now you seem to be consciously wanting to screw us over by making it non-functional ?
    Who is your target market? Because guess what, you are not going to reach the mass market by making opera dumber, the only thing you're going to do is lose your loyal user base. You are on the
    wrong track and I suggest you add the features we've always used back in otherwise Opera is going to the Recycle bin permanently.
    Thank you

  • Please stop this. In this forum are anough threads like this.

  • Maybe the developers should listen, because I'm not someone who gets pissed off easily, but they've managed to piss me off to the point of writing to this forum. Like I said I've been using this for years and now they're removing basic functionality and making it impossible to use. They're certainly shooting themselves in the foot. I've recommended Opera to many people in the past, and got many users. Now I can no longer use or recommend this.