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  • The bookmarks side bar was THE ONLY REASON why I loved Opera. I'll stick to the old version until I can and will quit later. What a shame!

  • I started using Opera back in the late 90's because its UI was so far ahead of everything else.

    How old is the current version of Opera? 2 Years. Do you expect the Opera dev team to completely recreate 18 years of Opera advancement from scratch in 2 years? If it was your job and your boss came to you with a demand like that could you manage it?

    It took a few years, but every other browser slowly started to look and act like Opera.
    I guess i'll keep using V12 until it just doesn't work anymore.

    And that was the dev teams problem. They were spending so much time and resources on just keeping their custom renderer working with the web that they didn't have time to keep the UI up to date. They don't have the time, money or resources of Microsoft and Google to do that kind of stuff. So they made a very difficult decision; they abandoned Presto and moved to Blink. So they had to start from scratch on an engine that was primarily maintained by someone else so they could focus on UI and features. Because it was a different engine they couldn't just slap the old UI over the top of it, they had to start over.

    Starting over takes time. They've spent quite a bit of time listening to users and trying to anticipate what they want and what they need. Want to know why the bookmarks sidebar wasn't included at the start? Because the browser didn't have bookmarks at all when it launched v15. They were only added back in like 2 versions ago. If you really want to see a shitstorm look at the mess around forgoing bookmarks for "the stash" caused. But they listened to us and brought bookmarks back. Still, making this grandiose proclamations about how much you've done for the browser and how you will leave for something else (that you admit strait away is only as good at best and inferior at worst) is pretty entitled. Especially considering you've paid zero dollars for it.

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  • Do you even read the posts people make before replying to the thread?

  • Original poster here:
    So happy to see a new browser that will solve the problem: Vivaldi! Still in development is supposed to pick up where Opera 12 left off. Its already amazing!

  • there is a side bar in new Opera developer

  • You can use the feature like Bookmark Panel and Window Panel by this addon.

  • there is a side bar in new Opera developer

    Really. How does one enable it?

  • How does one enable it?

    OMenu > Extensions > Sidebar.

  • Ah, they released an update I didn't catch. I sometimes leave Opera open for days or even weeks at a time and updates only install when you restart it. Unless I go to the dev blog I can miss updates and that looks to be what has happened.