Is there going to be x64 bit opera?

  • Some time ago x64 bit version of opera was launched for mac. Is there going to be x64 bit version for windows any time soon.

  • I am running 12.17...64 I type

  • Probably there will be 64 bit builds for Windows sometime in the future. However there is no indication atm on when something like this will happen.

    Based on what was said about it, this is something not top priority.

  • Come on, Guys... I may not be the sharpest tool in the box but I truly believe:

    Opera_1217_en_Setup_x64.exe........11327 kb.... which installs in WIN7 'PROGRAMS', not 'Programs x86' is SIXTY FOUR BIT.

    Comprende ?

  • They are asking about current versions.

    Now that there are 64-bit versions of Chromium, I see no reason the wouldn't make a 64-bit Opera. But unless Opera needs to access > 2 GB RAM, there's no hurry.

  • Thats one of the nice things about having each tab in its own process; you can access a lot more than 2gigs as long as its less than 2gigs per process. I regularly top 2gigs total when I have a ton of tabs open.

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