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Any solutions for restore closed windows with tabs?

  • Is there any solutions for restore closed windows with many tabs? Where can I find the record if there're?

  • Use the menu option "History" -> "Reopen Last Closed Window" to get your window back. Alternatively, all tabs are in your history, so you can also browse the history by going to "History" -> "Show All History".

  • "Reopen Last Closed Window" is usually not available after browser crash. Will this be implemented in the future?

  • What opera really needs in order for it to replace the big 3 on my computer (Safari, Chrome, and Firefox) is a way to recover all last closed tabs, like when you have to install Adobe Flash, then you have to restart the browser, but if I have a bunch of tabs that I need to keep open, I don't have any good way to recover them all at once like in the big 3 browsers. That makes me hate a browser if you can't do that. I often have to restart a computer or the browser and I need to be able to restore all open tabs

  • In addition, you could set ‘On start-up’ to ‘Continue where I left off’ in your settings.

  • You can use the Restore Closed Tabs button to acces other closed windows, except if close all Opera Progran, after that, you should go to History to reopen other window tabs

  • This is the missing feature that is making me think I should return to my old browser.

    Loss of tabs on close, and no prompt to close when multiple tabs are open.

    Closed my browser on accident last night, and now I must sit here and dig through my last weeks history to try to find all of the tabs that closed with a single missed click.

    I installed this browser to test it out on recommendation, and so far it's not bad, but I am a habitual multi-tabber. With no window recovery, or close protection, I find this browser lacking.

  • Opera is not a browser, it has no way to restore tabs lost when it crashes.

  • Since we're talking about Mac:

    If you close any window except the last one, you can use the tab menu as pointed out above.

    If you close the last window, you can still recover it by choosing History -> Reopen Last Closed Window.

    @mrdowntown assuming you're on Mac, there's a difference between closing the last window (this closes the window but doesn't quit Opera) and quitting Opera (which also closes all windows, but they're recovered when you start Opera again).

  • This browser needs to have an extension that will save all open tabs and tab history to a file, so that all or selected previously open tabs in all previously open windows prior to restart can be reopened on command. This is to say not just on re-starting the browser, but also while the browser is open with perhaps only the initial tab open. A good example of this would be the Session Manager extension offered for Firefox. The current settings selection is not acceptable, since it does not work all the time. It is especially important when the menu item "History -> Reopen Last Closed Window" does not appear, which is happening to me at this writing.

  • I'm using a MacBook Pro. When I close Opera with multiple tabs and reopen the prior tabs do not reload. The reopen last closed window is not highlighted and sometimes the previous tabs do not reload. Preferences are set up for 'continue where I left off." Suggestions? Solutions?

  • @aztopping Quit Opera using Cmd+Q or Opera -> Quit Opera instead of closing the window using the window close button.

  • i lost an important file and some task reminders when i closed opera by accident...i cant get it anymore...ever..... really ? Is restore closed tab option so hard for opera tech team ? i had a good lesson...i am switching .... its really sad for a "big name" like Opera.. >> (( psst ...Mozilla, chrome has it...hack them ! ))

  • You know what's sad? I logged in only to comment in that topic. The sad thing is a fact, that this feature is present on different, most popular browsers on the market. This feature can save a lot of work, time, and in consequence - money, for us, for people. And instead of thinking about a way of implementing this to, in my opinion, excellent browser, you're giving us pointless tips, because in my case, I've never even seen that button 'Reopen Last Closed Window' in History menu. If you can do something about restoring closed opera windows - I'd be really glad.

  • Reopen closed window works fine - within the same session. If you closed a window and then closed Opera, Opera will only remember the last one.