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Why Plex does not appear in my Operatv?

  • Thank you for reporting the problem, Opera is investigating the issue.

  • Same problem. Please kpotocki, we are wating for an answer from Opera Support asap. Thank you.

  • Hello, I have Opera TV running on my Blu ray player Samsung BD-H5500, but sadly there is no Plex app available. Could you please answer, if there will be Plex app available in Opera TV on my BD player and possibly when? Thanks

  • Same problem here, Opera TV on BD Player HT_H5500w which is in the supported list of players, and Plex should be available, but isnt. This is the sole reason I buyed the player after scrutinizing the web to ensure that plex was available, as stated here :

    Can opera support please join in on this discussion?

  • Hello,
    we are aware of the issue, and are working to resolve it.
    At this moment I cannot give a definite date.

    For the time being, you may use the URL loader app from the TOOLs category, to load the Plex app from this address:

  • Hello!

    I'm an avid PLEX user running off of the freeNAS platform.

    Just bought a Hisense 55K23DGW. It has the opera tv store but no plex app. After doing some digging here and elsewhere I see that the plex app is still in development for Opera tv.

    I haven't really come across any mention of the Hisense brand in those discussions however.

    Is there any sort of development timeline for when brands such as this will be supported?



  • My BD players on your list. No PLEX showing in Opera Store. No URL Loader app showing up under the TOOLS category. What do I try now???

  • got the 2015 sony bdp s4500 bluraydiskplayer.

    no plex app in the store,
    i understand its not in the supported devices, but as the older models are supported i thought the new are too.

    was one of my buy reasons 😞 (it shows even up on the screenshots on the sony homepage that there is the app)

    but at least i can use the dlna for now..

  • Hi, I just purchased the Sony BDP-S6500. It's a recently released 2015 blu ray player. Opera TV Store is working but the Plex app is not available. Are you guys developing support for Plex in an upcoming release?

  • Sehr gut,mal versuchen.Gr.Lutz

  • Now, I have been able to access my Plex server since April by using the URL Loader app, but suddenly after being away for some weeks, I just get an error message "this URL cannot be opened." I have tried to remove the URL, and re entered it, but same error. Now what has happened here? The URL works fine on other devices like e.g. Ipad.

    Also when will there be a regular Plex app for my HT_H5500w player which is in the list of supported players for Plex, and was the reason I bought it in the first place?

    Thanks for any help


  • Hello............

    Is there no one from Opera reading this, no reply at all?

  • Is there no one from Opera reading this, no reply at all?

    This is an user's forum and although some Opera's employees comes here from times to times, you should not expect any replies from them.

  • Yrl loader did not work error 404

  • Yrl loader did not work error 404

    Seems unrelated to the topic's subject.

  • opera tv snap, created a new app , and here is the link I tested , and I'll even it it works .

  • Link for créât app plex, O.O

  • Same here, no plex app in the store although the URL loader app worms (but I can't get it on the home screen of my Samsung BluRay player).

    It seems the same issue exists for many other brands, as noted in this forum.

    OPERA - Have you any idea how many users buy a device for Plex? What are you doing about this? No response to the thread for a year now!

  • Bought a Samsung HT-J5500 for using with plex, couldnt find plex in the opera tv store. Used the search, found this thread.
    How is it possible that in over a year time this problem still isn't fixed?!

  • Just a question for curiosity: does Plex supports Opera TV?

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