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Question about bookmark manager in different opera versions

  • Hello. I'm using opera 12.16 that is afaik latest version that supports old bookmarks style. New bookmark managing in speed dial style is very uncomfortable for me since i have to manage over 500 bookmarks. Also for easy navigation all of my bookmarks are sorted in folders that are in another folders that are in folders in folders in folders etc. Something like this And that speed dial style doesn't support folders in folders. So question is are there any newer version of opera that supports old bookmark managing style and where I can import all of my bookmarks with notes I've made to them (I store some important information about sites in notes to bookmarks)?

    Also I want to ask how can I move all my settings to another opera installation (in windows 7)? I know that I can use opera link or importing features, but I'd like to just copy all needed files so all of my opera settings, notes on bookmarks, cookies, speed dial settings etc. will be copied. Just tell me please what files needs to be copied.

  • Opera 19+ has a bookmark bar (not enabled by default) and you can import your Opera 12.16 bookmarks into it.

    I don't know if it imports those notes you are talking about. Opera's Notes are imported as a html file.

    When installing an stable version of Opera Blink you'll be asked about importing your Opera Presto profile. It imports Speed Dials, custom searches, bookmarks and current session iirc.

    Note that Opera Blink doesn't have the same options/features of Opera Presto so some settings can't be imported.

  • Well I tried that bookmark bar and it's not what I wanted. So I get back to opera 12. Still waiting opera version where you can enable old bookmarks style.

    I also found answer for my second question (posting here in case someone else will be looking for this): to move ALL settings (even including current opened pages) all you need is just to copy 2 folders to your new windows installation:
    1) C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Opera
    2) C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Opera

    P.S. This forum is a bit buggy 😟

  • I have the same issue. I also have a large number of bookmarks in a structure of subfolders. The new bookmark bar is a disaster!! Is there an option for the old style. The new style makes the opera as unusable as chrome!

  • Maybe try a bookmarks manager extension. With Neater Bookmarks, the Chrome extension,

    You can have folders within folders within folders. If you import into the Bookmarks bar, with that extension, you may be able to have the setup you are used to. It's the bookmarks manager extension I use, and I like it. It helped me do the importing of my Opera 12 bookmarks. To use a Chrome extension, all you need is to have the Opera extension, "Download chrome Extension."