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Opera 32 vs Opera 64 - Does It Matter?

  • I have a Dell PC with Windows 7 64 bit.

    For reasons I forget I'm using Opera 32. Is there any good reason to remove Opera 32 and install Opera 64? I'm pretty sure I can run both of them on the computer but don't want to install Opera 64 if there is no reason to bother.

  • There is no Opera 64 since version 15; the last 64-bit version was 12.16.

  • Opera could then address more memory if needed (more than 4 GB). I used it for a while, but at sometime moved back to the 32-bit one as the 64-bit one had to hassle with bugs the 32-bit one didn't had. And as sgunhouse already said there doesn't even exist a 64-bit version of Opera 15 and newer.
    There is not really a reason to use the 64-bit version.

  • Unless you often need more than the 2 GB of memory that 32-bit Opera (12) can use, there's no reason to go 64-bit. And when you get close to the 2 GB ceiling, Opera does get somewhat less responsive, so you'll probably notice if you're approaching that regularly. I've never hit it without having dozens of tabs open, usually far more than I can keep track of, so most likely you have no use for the 64-bit version.

    As blackcoder mentioned, the 64-bit version is also known for having more bugs than the 32-bit version. So 32-bit really is better except for the unlikely case that 2 GB is not enough memory.

  • Thanks you guys. I forgot to mention that I'm using Opera 12.16. Lately it crashes when closing and I thought it might be time to try the 64 bit version.

    I really don't wanna, though.

    Opera never crashed for me in the past so this unusual behavior has me stumped. I went so far as to do a restore on my Windows 7 PC and went back about a month or so. Opera hasn't been crashing for too long so I though a month would do it. No Change.
    If I shut Opera down after just a few minutes of activity it's fine. It's when it has been open for 30 minutes or so that it will crash.

    Doesn't matter if there is one, two or three tabs open, it crashes. I also deactivated all extensions but that made no difference.

  • Plugins are more likely to crash Opera than extensions ...

  • What kind of "restore" did you do? If it was just a "system restore", it would not have repaired damage to Opera program files or to any Opera files under a user account... "system restore" only restores critical system files (like the registry, critical windows files, drivers, etc). The only "true" way to restore a system to a month-earlier state would be via using an image's or file-backup's restoration program.

    If you did only perform a "system restore", then a corruption or miss-adjustment problem within the Opera files themselves might still be present.