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Can't log into facebook from desktop with Opera

  • Why on earth can't I log into facebook from my desktop using Opera? Gives me this:
    Unable to complete secure transaction
    Show Details Secure connection: fatal error (48) The presented certificate has an unknown Certificate Authority. Check that the address is spelled correctly, or try searching for the site.

    This is SO FRUSTRATING! I mean seriously, facebook, the biggest site ever and Opera denies me access?! Can log in from Chrome, IE, Mozilla but not Opera! Help please!

    Thanks. 😕

  • Opera version ?.

  • Hi linuxmint7,

    I can't find out how to find the version when in Opera, in my control panel list of programs it says '12.17'. Installed 8/8/14.

    Thanks for your response! 🙂

  • Same thing happens to me sometimes with youtube also, I use Opera 25, anyway I think is an issue with mi ISP because the same problem appears using Firefox and Opera, after a few minutes the problem dissapears

  • Hi elburromex,
    I have no problems at all accessing facebook through all my other browsers, just Opera. 😕

    In fact I'm happily using facebook right now through Chrome, but just tried again with Opera and got this:
    Unable to complete secure transaction

    You tried to access the address, which is currently unavailable. Please make sure that the web address (URL) is correctly spelled and punctuated, then try reloading the page.

    Secure connection: fatal error (48)

    The presented certificate has an unknown Certificate Authority.
    Make sure your internet connection is active and check whether other applications that rely on the same connection are working.
    Check that the setup of any internet security software is correct and does not interfere with ordinary web browsing.
    If you are behind a firewall on a Local Area Network and think this may be causing problems, talk to your systems administrator.
    Try pressing the F12 key on your keyboard and disabling proxy servers, unless you know that you are required to use a proxy to connect to the internet. Reload the page.

    Obviously my internet is fine as I'm using facebook in Chrome right now with no issues at all, security software/firewall not interfering, pressing F12 in Opera shows 'enable proxy servers' so they're already disabled. Not sure what is going on, do I just need to upgrade Opera, even though I thought it had been upgraded in August 2014?

    Thanks for any help guys. 🙂

  • PS guys I'm in Australia so I'm heading off to bed now, please don't think I'm ignoring comments if I don't respond for a few hours! 🙂

  • @a1maddy, try going to 'Settings / Preferences... / Advanced (Tab) / Security (Left hand column) / Security Protocols...' and see if 'Enable SSL 3' is ticked, if so, remove the tick and never re-enable it, ever. If that does not sort your problem out, then you may need to try different variations of toggling (on/off) the other three options (Enable TLS 1, Enable TLS 1.1 and Enable TLS 1.2) in the same dialog mentioned above.

    My current settings for the above in Opera 12.14 are as follows:

    • Enable SSL 3 (Unticked)

    • Enable TLS 1 (Ticked)

    • Enable TLS 1.1 (Unticked)

    • Enable TLS 1.2 (Unticked)

    And I am able to log-in to facebook without any problems.

  • Thanks linuxmint7, unfortunately that's the exact way it's set up now so that's not the problem. 😕

    I'm getting error messages for any page I try and open with Opera - can't even open yahoo. Anything I type in to search when page opens I get a security issue box saying 'the server's certificate chain is incomplete and the signers are not registered'. The pop up alerts appear many many times and appear to be going through different parts of the yahoo page -,, etc etc. Even if I click on 'approve' in the box there are so many of them it's ridiculous and Opera is unusable. I didn't even realise it was other pages as I only tried to login to facebook (I rarely use Opera) but something is very wrong with Opera on my desktop!

    I have full internet security, run malwarbytes and superantispyware also and my system is apparently clean, Windows 7 64 bit, and don't have issues with any other browser but Opera. Any suggestions?

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Maybe you could try a 'Stand-alone USB' install ?.

    Run the Opera installer and click the 'Options' button on the bottom left of the window.

    Select 'Stand-alone USB' from the 'Install for' drop down.

    Choose a path (E.g. Desktop or a user created folder) from the 'Install path' drop down.

    Then click the 'Accept and Install' button.

    You will now have a stand alone version of Opera (with a completely fresh profile) that can be moved around and deleted or uninstalled (by just deleting the folder).

    Try running this version of Opera by going into the folder you installed it to (as no short-cuts are created) and double clicking the opera.exe icon.

    Are you now able to browse and log-in to the places in this (stand-alone version) that were giving you problems in your currently 'Installed' version ?.

  • Try running this version of Opera (by going into the folder you installed it to, as no short-cuts are created) and double clicking the opera.exe icon.

    In Windows, you must be able to create a 'shortcut' for any file you like. And put it wherever you like.

  • In Windows, you must be able to create a 'shortcut' for any file you like. And put it wherever you like.

    Yes, you can, but installing Opera in 'Stand-alone USB' mode does not create a short cut icon, because it is a 'Portable' installation, and is meant to be moved around. So in this case, where would the short-cut be created ?, and where would the short-cut point too (if one was created) ?, as this type of install is designed to be moved around or copied to an external drive etc.

    It would be worse than trying to hit a continuously moving target.

  • The shortcut's destination is automatically adjusted when moving the shortcut file (tag) in my XP. (Within the harddrive it's for sure.)

  • Not if you move the folder where the program (Opera in this case) is installed (say to a user created folder or an external drive), it won't.

  • I don't know about such containing folders, but if I move the file itself - the 'shortcut' follows (reserve that the path in the tag's attributes may not appear 'updated').
    Anyway, there's no harm to try*:P*