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Opera stable lags when accessing any of the internal or external pages

  • After launching the Opera browser i observed that the speed dial takes to much time to load and the same thing happens to all sites that are accessed for the first time after that the browsing is responsive and ok until closing the tab and re accessing the address. Also all opera internal pages are opened whit a delay.
    The problem persists after the OS was reinstall and a clean version of opera stable was installed.
    The issue dose not occur on the opera beta or opera developer and neither on other browsers, is only specific to the last couple of stable releases.
    When accessing any of the opera internal pages or clicking on any web addresses the browser should not lag or delay the loading of pages.
    Is this a known issue or is just a isolated compatibility issue just on my system or some settings on the stable release are not properly optimized?

    I use Opera 26.0.1656.24 on Windows 8.1 64-bit (WoW64), 4GB RAM, i5

  • I have the same problem. This is the reason I quit using chrome. Does anyone make a reliable browser anymore?

  • If you're seeing the problem across two different browsers then the problem isn't the browser, its your system. I recommend getting Malwarebytes or a similar program and running some scans. If you have Norton or McAffee you might consider disabling them as they are often times just as bad as the stuff they 'protect' you from.

  • the OP's problem probably stems from the lack of available ram 4GB in this day and age is not enough to cut it anymore if your i5 is using it's inbuilt graphics then some of your ram is being used for that leaving you with not enough available for anything else.... My suggestion install another 4GB

  • So i did some testing and install all builds of opera stable backwards one by one and i discovered that that lag that i described above appears exactly from the first 25 build (25.0.1614.50). Is right when the experimental speed dial page was offered for trying. Since that build, opera lags every time for 10-13 ~ seconds before loading any page for the first time, after that the sub pages from that domain instant loads..
    I'm sure that the problem is whit the stable version of opera... The Beta and developer versions dose not have this issue, all pages are loaded without any delay after you click them....

    I have a dedicated nvidea GTS 360M graphic card with 1 GB of ram and I don't have this kind of problem in other browsers so i excluded my system for the cause of this issue.
    I know that 4 GB of ram is at the limit and i have planed to upgrade but this wont solve the issue...
    And the possibility that a malware is present is almost impossible because i use the same windows build for some time and the issue persisted after a clean install.

    My guess is that some settings are not optimized as it should because i have this issue since opera stable 25.0.1614.50 and the beta and developer are fine..
    I'm waiting for future releases to see if the problem is solved. Until then this situation is annoying because i have to wait 13 sec only to load Google page for example.

  • At last the problem was resolved in build 26.0.1656.60 stable. Thanks to the developers... :party: