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What was your first Opera?

  • 🙂
    The VERY first? 🙂

    Mine — back in the year two thousand zero-zero-somethinglike - 6? Maybe.
    I downloaded my first Opera - Opera Mini - on a Java phone. Opera Mini 3.0, some Russian edition - from one of Russian services.
    It was not bad at all - and it introduced me to The World Of Wide Web*:)*
    (It still sits here in two of my phones - though I don't use it anymore... Due to the old accumulators issue, basically🇪🇭)
    Well, while those gadgets still worked all right, I tried to 'upgrade' to some Opera Mini 4.0... But it wasn't for my phones (:awww:) - it loaded but didn't work, so I abandoned the "upgrade" idea and stayed with 3.0 for the short (or maybe not so short) time till I got this netbook (small laptop).

    In the meantime - early in my Mini days - I became a member of great Community MYOPERA:idea:
    It was the year 2008.(there's no smilie to express my pride of being/becoming part of The Great Community, so... Just :WOW:😉)

    Well, second decade of this century I had to buy this device whose keys I'm now still mercilessly punching with my fingers (the latter have became more since then - though not ten, not even five*;)*).
    First I didn't even have internet on, so... Even IE stayed idle.
    Well, as soon as I got one (connection, I mean), I opened the Internet Explorer and... Ta-da! Yes, downloaded my first non-IE browser.
    It must've been 10.52 or 10.54, I don't remember now.

    Of course I started customising it :happy: and immediately enabled "Turbo" and set not to load images - for I used a GPRS connection with a cellphone SIM-card - it might've cost about 10p. per megabyte, or something alike.

    So, what's YOUR personal History of Opera Browser?😉 (@sidneyneto)

  • (@sidneyneto)

    And I was going to contribute. Oh well, Over to you sidneyneto.

    Going to be a very short thread with only two contributors. Hmmmmmmmmmm!!!

  • My first Opera was Mini in a Xperia X10, that happened in 2012. I really enjoy it so I attempt to use in my computer but. Opera Presto was heavy for it, so I kept Chrome. At that time I joined My Opera however I made a request to remove it. Last year I tried Opera 16 but I came back to Chrome because I missed sync. Pepper Flash was working well in Chrome 31, after I updated to 32 Flash started to lag a lot, I tried the support but it does not help. So I installed Opera 18 and I am using until today 🙂

    You can contribute @linuxmint7 😃

  • Opera 3.5x back in the 1990's. (Public) Internet was something kinda new and accessing it using a cellphone was science fiction on those days.

  • Opera 3.62 (I think) in about 1999, but didn't stick with it. Opera for Linux came with the version of Linux I bought in 2000 and was more usable than either Netscape (this was before Firefox), Konqueror or any of the text-mode browsers. I actually has used Mosaic on a Sun system back in the '90s at university, but there wasn't much to see back then. Didn't really use Opera for Windows consistently until they released the first preview of 7.

  • I believe some verson of 3 since I installed it in late '99 same as Steve.However,I was still heavily into Netscape and so it remained in the background for the most part (even though I had purchased it).

  • My first Opera experience was in the 90's when the Little'O fit on 1-3/3.5 disks.
    I was even impressed back then...