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Opera.exe running 10 times in Windows Task Manager Processes

  • Have you just "parted" with Presto?

    No, it's normal.
    Their BrandNuOpera just rides on a pack of horses: one for the app, one for each tab, one for each plugin or whatever they are.
    The idea was not to hang the entire program if a single page troubles.

  • How many tabs are open? It generally has one process per tab, plus one for the user interface.

  • ...and extensions.

  • And plugins.

  • Reluctantly just parted with Presto. At this particular moment I have 9 opera.exe running. I have 4 tabs open and the only extension I have is Adblock Plus with no plugins. I think I may have to go back to Opera 12.17 as this is really slow.

  • 24 opera.exe processes for me (on XP also, 2core CPU), one of these old'n'good O12 (or O10) and others O27... No slowness noticed.

  • All browsers based on Chromium do that, it's no biggee

  • It shouldn't be slow. While it does have each portion of the browser in its own process they don't use an inordinate amount of memory or CPU clock cycles. You'd see the same setup and performance in Chrome. If they are running slow for you either you have a larger issue somewhere or your system just isn't up to the task of running a modern web browser.

  • Lando says well.
    I've come across some hints/info that the newer Operas don't fit/work good on Windows XP and older<abbr title="edit">☜</abbr>, or at least it applies to older machines - OperaBlinks are more demanding/designed for newer soft/hardware (like Windows 8 runs on newer hard rather than...).
    Well, if you have Chrome and use it enough - you could see if it isn't troubled with your OS/hardware. Mine is: I have a not-up-to-date machine and Windows XP still...🙂 (Using Opera 11 still and not considering to install this newer Opera on this machine - at least till I change/adjust the OS.)

    <abbr title="edit">☞</abbr>Well, I might've erred on that - it might be the other way round: Prestos don't fit in the newer Windowses (like 8).
    Sorry about that. (The notion about hardware stays.)

  • Well I'll see how it goes today but if it slows down to a standstill again I'll have to call it a day and go back to 12.17. The processes just seem to keep building up and getting bigger the longer I'm online.

    I've also got the latest Firefox so if my system can run that without problems I would assume it should be able to manage Opera 25 too?

  • You may have some excess antivirus activity in opera cache folder. If your Opera slows down again, turn antivirus off (just for testing).
    Also, some content indexers (Windows search indexer, then some media catalog or CD burning programs tend to run background indexers too) may choke on Opera cache folder.

    Does your HDD light blink while Opera slows down?

    Another possibility is that all (most) your open tabs contain flash or other animations, running on background - but such situation should affect other browsers too.