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  • Hi,

    I did send this as a bug report but lost reply, so I mention it here again. is a HIJACKER! I was on Firefox before I came back to Opera browser.
    I was forced to delete permanently the Firefox browser because together with the update to version 33.1, each time came together as a hidden. Every time when I did SpyHunter check, SpyHunter urged me to delete it, because I was told it is a Hijacker that lock others their pc, manipulate, go into data and all other stuff the user has got on his / her pc! Each time I unstalled Firefox and reinstalled it again, the hijacker is in it. So I quitted all there, lost all my saved data and stuff on Firefox and now I'm back here on Opera.
    This is in the list of extensions on Opera, so I thought after the warning, the Opera team would take it out of the list, but I see it is not done.

    Best regards,

  • DuckDuckGo is not a Hijacker.

    You may have installed some program which changes the searchengine of your browsers.

  • I suppose it's not impossible that bad guys could hack DDG for their own purposes. I don't use it here because I don't think it's much good, but it hasn't causes any problems here in the few times I did use it.

    I find it as a choice on Firefox of course. It may be on IE-- don't really know, AVG seems to want search-engine status there and besides, my only reason to use IE is to check how stuff displays and to use it when I want to check my site incognito-- I never sign in on IE.

    Chrome uses Google. No surprise there, eh? I'm not sure what the latest greatest installment of Opera uses.

  • Hi, is a HIJACKER!

    No, it's not. You'd better get a good malware program and run it (i.e. Malwarebytes) along with a good AV program (i.e. Avast, AVG) because you obviously have a problem program running in the background and it's not DDG.

  • I got curious, so did a Google search. It comes as no surprise that Spy Hunter identifies DDG as a hijacker. I have a soapspicion that Spy Hunter is in the pay of other, more powerful (I'm looking at you, Google and Yahoo) search engines, and falsely identifying an upstart like DDG as malware would be a great way to shut them down before they get fairly going.

  • Good point.

  • Hello all, thanks for the comments. It came when I updated to Firefox 33.1 together with it's exe.
    Though the name given by SpyHunter is a bit diffent in the name. Here on Opera it is written: DDG , but on SppyHunter and in the searchbar of Firefox it was DDg , maybe a false clone or..., the path of DDg was also not findable where it would be according the path.


  • Looks like you may have malware.

  • Mozilla added DuckDuckGo for everyone themselves along with a recent update

    The first thing we’ve done to give our users more control is to add DuckDuckGo as a pre-installed search option in Firefox for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. Search is an integral, and deeply personal, part of online life. The things you search for can say a lot about who you are. DuckDuckGo gives you search results without tracking who you are or what you search for. Other engines may use tracking to enhance your search results, but we believe that’s a choice you should get to make for yourself.