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Oh my gulay ! I think I made a big booboo by trying out Opera 16 Beta before using Op 16

  • 1. How is this when I can't sync my speed dials.

    2. Sorry for my ignorance but I initially thought Opera Link was not Backward Compatible because I started with using the Beta first. Racked up a huge load of webpages via speed dials researching for two weeks.

    3. Only then did I decide to call on Opera Link from my trusty Opera Mobile 12.1 Labs. Got a very long page with bookmark links.

    4. Discovered the Op.16 Stable Version (How did I miss that?). Downloaded that, called on Opera Link to sync again and got an even longer page with bookmark links !

    5. How am I going to collate my webpages efficiently if I have to open each link on those pages and add them on speed dials again in Op 16 ? Op 16 Beta crashes often though it has a good number of speed dials from my two weeks of research.

    6. I can only think of using two laptops, one for Op16 Beta, and the other laptop for the bookmark links. I can't imagine using one laptop and go crazy minimizing/ maximizing pages in one screen. -

    7. Or make hard copies of all links. But that's the same amount of work as opening atoll those links and add on speed dial again. I wish my internet was as fast though.

    8. Is there an easier way to get my speed dials back as how I wanted them?

    9. Or maybe Microfische (? ), like during my grandfather's time..... as he just suggested to me. Help!

    My relationship with Opera has always been a love-hate relationship. I must admit that I've stayed with Opera too long yet the positive outweighs the negative by a wide margin. Just that why oh why is it such a temperamental one all these years. All for a browser ? 🙂

    Could it be that it's a Scandinavian thing.. ? 🙂 Don't get me wrong. My sense of humor often helps out during stressful times like this.

  • No sync yet, sorry. Not in Beta either - not even desktop. They are saying they should have it in desktop 18.

  • 1. Thanks for that reply.

    2. I did it ! The long tedious process of collating my research and sources. Done.

    3. I have to also say that throughout the arduous eye-straining process, I could not resist to try out Chrome, and a few other browsers at a number of pivotal points in the process of organizing all the info and it's sources all throughout the . It easy to decide to retreat other browsers on impulse due to the fact that I was furious at Opera for the confusion of the new Opera versions. Which one is the true successor to Opera 12 which was what I was using and relied on. So during the past couple of months I jumped at using another browser, figuring how such a browser could help make things a little easier. And if you are a researcher of any sort, you know very well that the browser is the single most important app for you with the Search Field that's present and that's always there, any page you flash.

    Well I really must admit that Opera still is the best way to collate all your info with its unique Speed Dial/Bookmarking features. You can even move documents around with using the Speed Dial features, the Drag and Drop pages on top of other pages to make a folder.