Opera actions for keybinds

  • That is because the shortcut for the undo action considered context (what your last action was and where you last clicked in the UI).

    So it's planned for the future, right?

    They have been reserved for use but we haven't chosen to enable them yet, since we have to deal with folders and we have not decided on how best to manage that.

    Oh, hopefully you can enable them soon.

    Anyway, thanks for your help.

  • So it's planned for the future, right?

    Not in the immediate future as it is quite tricky to get right, otherwise the wrong action is undone. Additionally most people don't miss it (so it is not a priority) but yes I hope we can add it one day, as it is certainly nice to have.

    In case you are not aware Ctrl+Shift+T is standard in all browsers to reopen last closed tab (even Opera 12 supported it in addition to Ctrl+Z). Therefore it is worth learning and getting used to IMHO. Thus if you use another's computer you can reopen a tab without thinking, no matter what browser they have installed.

    As a long term Opera user it was weird to me at first but now I am quite used to it and happy with it.

    Oh, hopefully you can enable them soon.

    Or perhaps we should use them for something else?

    Anyway, thanks for your help.

    You are welcome. It was a nice question and I was happy to help. I actually remap some shortcuts myself. For example, I really do have Ctrl+Q set to Activation Order Tab Cycling. ;)

  • As you most likely know, you can't easily customize short cuts in Opera ... [snip]

    We did consider a UI for editing these but it is on the back burner for now. Its a shame IMHO because it is a nice power user feature and something that other Chromium based browsers do not provide.

    P.S. If you want to add additional keyboard shortcut actions and edit them I recommend the Vimium extension. It is not currently in our Add-ons store but you can install it from Chrome's store if you install Download Chrome Extension first.

  • The obvious follow-up question: Is that a list of all currently supported actions, or are there other actions which might be useful but are currently not assigned?

  • Yes these are the currently supported, keyboard accessible actions.

  • Nice one, ruario

  • Thanks for the useful information!

  • Hmm, @ruario, so (for Win) Ctrl+Shift+V is assigned to the action PasteAndGo – that's what you read from the default bindings you posted.

    But in the context menu of textareas, that combo is used as ”Paste as plain text“.

    So you that combo ”considers context“ to decide which action to perform. Why cannot Ctrl+Z do the same and perform Undo in text controls, ReopenLastClosedTab otherwise?

    But that's not my primary concern. I really hate the way Opera defaults to pasting rich text / formatted text. More often than not (almost always) I don't want some obscure formatted text (you never know in which form it will be submitted) to show up in forms and text areas. But I cannot find an action like PastePlain in the list of action verbs you posted – and which you claim is complete. Or isn't it? I'd really like to do a

      "PastePlain": [],
      "Paste": ["Ctrl+Shift+V"],
      "PastePlain": ["Ctrl+V", "Shift+Ins"], …
  • So I copy/pasted the keybindings for Windows into my Preferences file and now non of the shortcut keys work anymore.
    Any reason why this could happen?

  • This is great. I've been able to remap a few command (FocusAddressBar, for example), but I'd really like to override Cut/Copy/Paste/Undo to Alt+X,Alt+C+Alt+V,Alt+Z and those don't seem to do anything (the Preferences file seems to be fine and is not being overwritten or renamed as .bad.

    Any special treatment needed for these accelerators?


  • First of all, thanks for sharing this. I've been waiting for this for ages.

    I'm trying to add
    "OpenWindow": [ "Ctrl+Alt+N" ]
    , but it is now working. "Ctrl+Shift+N" and "Alt+N" are working though. Any ideas? I'm using windows btw.

  • The latest developer builds allow you to customize shortcuts via preferences


  • Thank you for adding this! I missed it so much.

  • I've tried to add this into the Pereferences file

    "NavigateDown": ["Down", "J"],
    "NavigateLeft": ["Left", "H"],
    "NavigateRight": ["Right", "L"],
    "NavigateUp": ["Up", "K"]

    to make a vim-like key-binding, but it did't work. Anyone knows why?

    Plus, I'm interested in that whether it is possible to make a short cut to a line of script, like Opera 12?

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