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Where is "Import Bookmarks and Cookies?"

  • I cannot BELIEVE nobody's asked about this! I searched the forums and got ZERO results. What the bloody dickens happened to "Import Bookmarks and Cookies?" It's NOWHERE in the menus of options, and Opera Help is NO help at all (I got two results that turned out to have NOTHING to do with this). I will NOT re-enter all my passwords and usernames, et cetera, in THIS browser when I can easily import them from another. If this is no longer possible, then I no longer have any reason whatsoever to continue to use Opera. I wonder about the ace rocket scientist that thought it a good idea to hide this information.

  • Great. There's no "Edit Post," either. Information I forgot to include: There IS an "Imported Bookmarks" tab/page, but no clue whatsoever on HOW one imports. I never had this problem with the older versions of Opera I've used in the past. No nasty "noob" comments, either; I've been using mainframes and microcomputers since 1984. Usually difficulty in locating information is to ferret out new data storage locations, but I've managed to exhaust my patience. I'm not dumb enough to think that the information no longer exists, but evidently I'm not quite smart enough to find it on my own.

  • Same here, i searched everythere, even in addons. nothing )

  • No way to do what you are asking yet. They are working on the import bookmarks functionality but at the moment it is basically a TEDIOUS manual process.
    Take that from someone who had to change all his Speed Dial 'bookmarks' to the new Bookmarks schema.

    Edit: Oh, there is an edit post on these forums. You see the little "Gear" icon underneath where the profile picture would be if you had one (where the 'unknown man' is right now).
    Click on that and you can edit posts for up to 30 minutes after the post was made and 30 minutes from the time the last edit was made.

  • Opera 26 has a bookmarks and settings importer, just wait for it to reach stable channel.

  • It does seem silly that there is not yet a bookmarks importer. Well I did some searching and there is one available as a plugin if it helps. I haven't used it though, so I don't know how it works. The descriptions says that it was made for Opera 15, but I imagine that it should work for 26 as well.