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Opera Stable folder takes up 5 GB on my computer - safe to delete?

  • Hi, the folder C:\Users(myname)\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable\File System takes up around 5 GB. Is there a way to reduce this? I'm running low on hard drive space. Can I delete this?

  • NO, never delete the profile folder. Unless you want all your data (bookmarks, Speed Dial entries, settings) to be erased.

  • Ok, thank you.

  • The question should be WHY is it taking up 5GB

  • Go into Settings, click on Privacy and Security then on Clear browsing data if you want to free up memory. This will empty the cache and probably clear History too.

  • It's around 22MB here. Have you enabled opera://flags/#enable-simple-cache-backend by chance?

  • I cleared my history and cache and it is still at 4.7 GB. I checked opera://flags/#enable-simple-cache-backend and it was Default (not sure if that is enabled or disabled) so I disabled it just in case.

    The huge file that is taking up all that space is in C:...\File System\000\p\00\ and it is called 00000000. No extension. It's almost 5 GB alone.

    Should I just uninstall Opera, delete that who Opera Software folder and reinstall?

  • *whole Opera Software folder

  • Try renaming the file/folder to see if Opera complains about it.

    Just don't forget to do it while Opera is closed.

  • Hmm. renaming the file and reopening Opera didn't seem to give any Opera errors. I also just noticed the file was last modified 7/14/14. Also, browsing to some new sites in Opera didn't change the file size one way or another.

  • If everything is ok,i guess you can delete the file.

  • Check out the "File System" folder there. Opera happen to keep recently downloaded files there (why the heck for!?) and it doesn't clean it up with "Clear browser data" button.

  • That filename would be a file used by some web app's "local storage". The files contents will still be online as well and will probably be recreated when you open the site again. Not sure what web app would be using 5 GB of local storage ...

  • Are there some metadata on the file?

    As for overall harddrive memory usage, you could move certain 'archives' (should you have any) to an external drive (use backups in case it crashes).
    Myself personally used another partition (that of the preinstalled ones) to lighten C. But if I knew I'd consider a dual boot one day, I'd've made that "disk"'s partition first.
    Also, now I do not store huge files on hard - for they remain easily accessible online at any moment. If yourself, for one, still need certain files stored locally, you can consider purchasing an external hard-drive, or maybe a CD drive - to be able to secure your data by duplicating to a different physical disk. Then you can lighten your internal harddrive, and further use it only to store sort or handy files - those that you use frequently.

  • I deleted the file. Seems that everything is working normally. Not sure how it got so large. Thanks everyone for your help.