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How Many Bookmarks Do you Have?

  • ... Yeah, no one ever uses bookmarks in Opera.

    I don't think Opera ever said nobody uses bookmarks, just that their "target market" largely doesn't. While in some ways, it might be nice to know we're not in somebody's cross-hairs, it certainly doesn't feel all that great, eh?

  • Recently I had a spring cleaning in my bookmarks and deleted many that were broken.

    Bookmarks: 1390.

    Folders: 273.

    I have 10 browsers installed, and I imported the bookmarks in every browser. But 10 x 1390 doesn't count, or what. 😛

    In my archive I've got close to 3000 folders, and I reckon there's a few thousand Internet shortcuts there. It would be fun to know the number, but I don't know how to count the bookmarks without counting other files.

  • I have 87 at the moment and they are increasing constantly.

  • If Stashes counts as bookmarks, then i have 34.

  • Bookmarks: 40 in 4 folders
    Speed dial: 202 in 16 folders
    Stash: 789

  • I have 31 bookmarks.

  • Bookmarks: 40 in 4 folders
    Speed dial: 202 in 16 folders
    Stash: 789

    202 speed dials? Lol....

    I would guess that when you reach a certain point, the amount of speed dials begin to take a toll on the hardware? I have only 12 speed dials.

  • I got 0 bookmarks and 8 items in my Speed Dial. Not sure if it even counts, but bookmarks have never been important to me considering I almost always remember the pages I've been to.

  • 202 speed dials? Lol....

    Yeah, I know it's time to clean that mess. 🙂

  • NumberOfFolders: 88

    NumberOfBookmarks: 1339

    In Opera 12, even though I don't use the Bookmarks bar, I see it more like an extension to the whole Bookmarking system. In Opera 20, it's the only place where I can manage my stuff, which is vastly inefficient to say the least. No tree view, because who would use that. No nicknames, no descriptions, no nothing, because screw power users, right?

  • I have over 4,000 accumulated over the years. Some are duplicates, some are obsolete. I need a bookmark sidebar like the old Opera had, and FF still has, and I guess IE has, tho I dislike IE, but Chrome doesn't have it nor does the new Chromeclone Opera.

    If you want to know exactly how many you have, when you upload your bookmarks to Linkagogo - a great free program that I've been using for years - it will tell you exactly.

  • NumberOfFolders: 70

    NumberOfBookmarks: 1125

    Cleaned my bookmarks after MyOpera was closed, removed the old broken Opera bookmarks and some other dead ones too and the repeat offender spammers that were plaguing the MyO blogs.

  • I've been fixing computers now for over 15 years now. Most of my bookmarks deal with fixing computer issues. I have 2251 bookmarks in 76 folders.

  • around 890 bookmarks in 62 folders

  • ~800 bookmarks and 25 folder