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Which tab does it go to after closing a tab?

  • In Opera, I'm having trouble understanding how it selects which tab to go to after closing a tab. Sometimes it seems as if it goes to the right until there are no tabs to the right, and then goes left. However, sometimes, it will go left while in the middle of several tabs.

  • What's your version?

    In truOpera, the user can define which way it goes (IIRC).
    In Chrome (the sperm donor for nuOpera), it usually goes only one way - right. Though I'm not exactly sure: it may (or may not) depend on the tab's status towards another - like a "dependant" tab..😕

  • I'm using version 25.0.1614.50

    I've also used regular Chrome, and it does seem to always go right (unless there are no tabs to the right). Opera seems to behave differently though, in a way I don't quite understand.

  • Try the Opera extension, Classic tabs. That should make it better for you.

  • Lem, that didn't answer the user's question though*:P*

  • With multiple tabs open in Opera 25, when you close a tab the "open" tab becomes the one to the extreme right just the same way it is in Firefox. It's readily apparent so I'm not sure why that would confuse you. If that is not to your liking, then do as lem suggests and try an extension.

  • leushino, that isn't the behavior I'm experiencing though, as mentioned in my original post. I'm not asking how to change the behavior. I'm asking for the specifics on how it chooses the tab after closure.

  • Here Opera seems to go to the last active tab after one tab is closed. Don't know if because of opera://flags/#activation-order-tab-cycling being enabled.

  • Maybe some factors like processes' priority or last reloaded/updated?

  • Lem, that didn't answer the user's question though

    Classic tabs establishes clearly defined behaviors so it's easy to figure out what it's going to do. I suggested it as something that might help. The answer was at the link I gave. You can set it as you want. It can activate last-focused tab when closing a tab or activate the next/previous tab when closing a tab. It's all in the setting.