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Bookmark sync extensions for Opera25

  • I finally decided to give new Opera a try.
    I got all this extensions idea - and must agree it's not bad at all.

    For quick notes I installed Nimbus notes

    For sessions saving - Session box

    For password management - Lastpass

    The only thing remained compared to Opera 12.17 - Bookmarks sync.
    I can't find working extension for this
    I tried Xmark - it doesn't sync at all.
    After reinstall it uploaded only Imported bookmarks folders and Bookmarks bar and none of My folders bookmarks and Unsorted boomarks. Thus I can't get it work properly.

    Tried Eversync - it says "Bookmarks sync is not active" even after I was forced to install and sync FVD Speed Dial.
    Speed Dial sync worked and bookmarks sync was still not active - no option in settings activate\deactivate and no single hint what should I do to activate it. Deinstalled it too.

    Please recommend good bookmark sync extension that will work in Opera25.

    Sadly these are not the only extensions not working\working badly in Opera25. At least for me.
    But I still going to give it a chance.
    Also I've seen post here about good working bookmark sync in Opera 26 - ok good news but when it will be available for all?

  • I also see post about bookmark manager in Opera 26 and I wait for it because Opera 25 is better but my Opera 12.17 is more functional for me (bookmark on the left as a List and in second I view a website that I want)

  • If you installed Xmarks and know to use it you can use myxmarks online like folder-tree, adding new bookmark item it will be sync whit another browser so meanwhile 26 version is doing you can use my xmarks like start page on Opera like this:

  • Bookmarks Sync will be included in Opera 26. (Source)

  • adding new bookmark item it will be sync whit another browser

    I understand how Xmarks is intended to work but it didn't work for me.

    If I click 'Synchronize now' - it blinks for a couple of seconds and nothing happens.
    If I use the 'Upload bbokmarks' option in Advanced settings - it does upload but only Imported bookmarks folder and Bookmarks bar. In doesn't upload my main bookmarks folders.
    It looks like this:

    Well I guess it's my local problem assuming there are 500K users of Xmarks on Crome and few:) on Opera.

    Ok I am waiting for Opera26 now, when it will be released btw?

  • Ok I am waiting for Opera26 now, when it will be released btw?

    It may take a while as it isn't even Beta yet.

    But you can check here if you want to test it.

  • I realize this is an old thread, but I wanted to drop by and explain WHY none of the bookmark sync extensions work right with Opera.

    All Chrome-based browsers, including Opera, have two 'special' bookmark folders defined: 'Bookmarks Bar' and 'Other Bookmarks'. Bookmarks Bar is self explanitory; it's the folder for the tollbar. Other Bookmarks is the dropdown menu. Extensions may add additional folders, but they won't show up in Chrome's UI.

    Opera took a slightly different approach when making their UI. Instead of using Other Bookmarks for everything not in the toolbar, they use it for IMPORTED bookmarks. They then made several additional folders for your bookmarks, shared bookmarks, and a few of the other default folders.

    What does this mean for bookmark syncing extensions? It means that Opera is storing it's bookmarks in folders the extensions don't know anything about, so they don't get synced.

  • But now built in sync is under development and available even in opera stable (via a flag), so that doesn't matter.