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  • So I've downloaded the recent Opera Browser, singed up to Sync and get this crap:


    We're working to improve synchronization and make it more integrated with our next generation of browsers.
    Building from scratch means that syncing isn't compatible with Opera versions 14 and higher ... yet.
    You will be able to sync with Opera soon.
    Thanks for bearing with us.

    We're on VERSION 24. What's going on? This is the first and only browser that I've run into with a poor bookmarking system. All the bookmarks are clumped togethor, no folder structure, and sync is dead.

    What's going on? Any updates?

    I do like how fast your browser loads and it looks great on my surface but this is a major con.

  • The real issue is people who refuse to educate themselves. Before going on a rant, do some searching and discover what has been going on for the past year and a half.

    Moderator, please consider closing this thread. It is little more than a duplicate of several hundred other rants.

  • Shut up, Leushino.
    A user doesn't have to be a geek - know everything etc.

  • Excuse me! You more than anyone might consider shutting up given the
    fact that the majority of your posts are about absolutely nothing other than boosting your post count. The OP was simply letting off steam. He needs to SEARCH (you'e heard of that... right, Joshi?) before whining about how terrible the new browser is. The thing is... bookmarks are just around the corner and if he did a little digging he would know that. Funny thing is... he's gone now. Wonder why?

  • Exactly, @Leushino. This is the same old, same old garbage. There's more than adequate bookmarking ability in Opera 24 if people educate themselves a little. Just a tad. This is a super browser, and the bookmarking is fine. I use the Opera extension, "Add Bookmark," and the Chrome bookmark manager extension, "Chrookmarks for Chrome," and could not be happier with the bookmarking, because in addition to the standard bookmarking (which works fine with these extensions), you have a superb Speed Dial ( better than any other browser on the planet, in the galaxy, why, in the whole damn universe), as well as Stash. I mean, if you use a little "smarts" you can do a helluva lot better with Opera 24 than any other browser. And more is coming with the next update. And Stash and the Speed Dial are an aspect of the overall bookmarking in Opera 24.

  • If bookmarking is right around the corner, then why are we on Version 24 and why is it not standard.

    Currently there is the option to add to stash but that clumps everything together.

    No one has answered me about how do I sync to my phone.

    And if my "rant" is the 100th one, clearly the devs are taking there sweet time with this vital feature.

    BUT even with this, Opera is better than Firefox and Maxthon and using the same rendering engine that Chrome uses was a smart move.

    I'm just bummed about the lack of Sync. At the same time, IE doesn't have sync.

    I'm going to use Eversync to see with my phone for now.

    I just found that it can be activated through opera:flags so I give that a try.

  • Opera 25 will have a bookmarks manager.

    Btw, there are already enough topics about this. And also this one doesn't seem to be going somewhere.