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Can't Import Bookmarks after getting new Hardware

  • My computer kept freezing and eventually wouldn't turn on the other day and I had to get a new hardware piece. It kept all my data and files including the files for my bookmarks. Opera Gx along with all installed apps were removed, but that's fine.

    However, I can't seem to import my bookmark files. When I try to, the bookmark tab just stays empty even though the pop up message says they were imported successfully. The file can't be empty, when I opened it, all my bookmark links and info was there.
    I added an image to show a link is present.image_2021-09-13_221109.png

    I don't understand what to do, I had quite a few very important bookmarks that I can't even remember the urls to and many recipes I use for my animal treat sales.

    Since I can go into the file and see the urls. I could spend hours copy/pasting the links into the browser and favoriting them, but I would rather just import them.

    I have both files people say you need: image_2021-09-13_221332.png

  • @wolfiemix You can just copy the Bookmarks file(s) from the old Opera profile directory to the new one.
    Or you can export the bookmarks in the old Opera installation and import in the new one.

  • @leocg Can you tell me how to do those things please? I am so not smart when it comes to those things, and have no idea what that means.

    This is the files I have:
    Step 1.PNG
    Step 2.PNG

    I'm not sure what to do with these files except the bookmarks files at the very bottom not seen in this image.

  • @wolfiemix You only need to Bookmark file, Copy it/them from the old installation in the old hardware to a pen drive or send it to your email. Then past/download it in the new Opera profile directory (see opera://about for the path).

  • @wolfiemix Copy the entire ‘Opera Software’ folder to your new computer.