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  • Allow those of us that are in small towns and served by CenturyLink to add a zip code for Opera to use when returning results from searches. In our case CenturyLink changes the IP location and the results are from locations from 2 1/2 to 6 hours away. Never our location or the nearest major city which is 45 minutes away. Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon and other on line businesses allows us to set our zip code location when we create an account.

  • @bert55 Couldn't you just enable geo-location for the search engine?

    Anyway, the option to use zip code should be offered by the search engines, the sites.

  • @leocg Only have Windows PC.

  • @bert55 And? Geo-location works on desktops too.

  • @leocg Geolocation on desktops without WiFi depends on what the ISP chooses to report. In my case it would place me 5 miles east, just north of the reservoir. In his case, he already said it is more like 60 miles, and I imagine Roadrunner would be similar.

    if you wanted to define a custom search engine that already included your zip code, you could- but you can't set it as default. Alternatively, you could probably visit the search engine and tell them where you live, keeping in mind they are likely to tell everyone else.

  • @sgunhouse Windows allow you to set a fixed location to be used when a software asks for you geo-location.

  • @leocg I have contacted CenturyLink, Google, Bing, Opera, Brave and the 3 services that search engines use to set your location based on your ISP. My Windows 10 PC does not have the ability to set location by geolocation. To do searches and get relevant results I have to enter "Item name" near Richmond Virginia to get good search results. I want to thank all for the suggestions and ideas,

  • @bert55 So in Windows settings > Privacy and security you can not set a default location? Interesting.

  • @leocg I misspoke, I have set windows location, but search engines do not use the Windows location for search results. From a google search "how do seo get their local results; Google (and other search engines) uses a user's location based on IP address (for desktop) and geolocation (for mobile) to determine what results to show the user."
    A Google search the bottom had the following "Patrick Springs, Virginia - From your Internet address - Use precise location". no idea where Patrick Springs is, looking it up and getting directions it is more than a 3 hour drive. Clicking on "Use precise location" gives this: "Location unavailable - From your Internet address - Learn more".

  • @bert55 Interesting, because at least here Google asks for my geo-location (in desktop).

    Anyway, using zip code on searches May depends also on the search engines.

  • @leocg I am glad that Google allows you to set geolocation for search results. Based on my experience and research on this all search engines for pc use DNS servers to set location for searches. I may be wrong but this is what I have found. If you are in a small town served by CenturyLink as your ISP you may have trouble with getting good results. We have been having the same problems with all search engines. We have used 2 different streaming services and had to continually work with them to assist with giving me local tv stations that give me weather and news that are relevant to us. Thanks for your suggestions but they do not work with my windows pc or Goolge, Bing, Opera or Brave browsers.

  • @bert55 Just to be clear: When I visit Google for the first time, it asks me to authorize the use of geolocation. I don't know for sure if geo-location is used.

  • @leocg Thanks for the update