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Open new tab at the end of the tab bar

  • How can I make Opera to open the new tab (when clicking on a link with the midle wheel buttom) in the top right position (the last position) in the tab bar?

    It is opening the tab right next to the active tab but I don't want it that way.

    I'm using Opera 25 Dev


  • You'll need to use an extension.

  • This is so annoying and it's what pisses me off with opera.

    Such a simple and basic feature that all decent browsers have and with Opera, that is on the 25th version, I need to use an extension that will add at least 20 more mb ram usage for this.

    Opera get your shit together and then release a f*cking proper browser!

  • What's annoying? Didn't you read what leocg wrote? Try the Classic Tabs extension. No big deal. Just be cool about it.

    This extension forces all tabs to open at the end of the tab bar. That's what you want. It tries to mimic Opera 12 tab behavior. Opera doesn't have to get anything together. The new opera is designed to work with extensions. So get used to it. Haha, And @dazito you need to get your sh@t together. Or take your obscenities and browse elsewhere. Opera is doing just fine!