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Annoying unremovable top result for a specific keyword ('y')

  • So yesterday when I tried to go to youtube, which I always do by typing 'y' and hitting enter as '' shows up on top; I got taken to this site "y"(or "y/"). Obviously as you can tell that's probably not a real site and it just gives me the "This site can't be reached" error. So why exactly did this even show up on the top when I input 'y' and for some reason this isn't removable either.
    I thought this might be something related to the yahoo search engine and linked to some recent browser update, which is trigerred by 'y', but in the settings there's no way to remove yahoo nor change the 'y' keyword. I have no clue why this started happening only yesterday and now I'm stuck with this annoying singular letter (non existing) site that shows up on top.

    Does anyone know a fix to this (without having to do something like clearing cache and cookies since it's a pain to re-log on sites, or reinstalling which takes up quite some time)

  • @proqbr And why can't you remove it? When the dropdown displays with that result in it, if you hover your mouse over it or cursor down to highlight it you should be able to delete it.

  • @sgunhouse if im not wrong you can delete the search prediction by hovering over it and pressing the 'x' on the right side, however for this the cross button just doesn't appear so it's unremovable...

  • @proqbr It indicates by the icon that it is a search suggestion. Mind you, why it wants to search yahoo for "y/" I couldn't say.

  • @sgunhouse actually clicking on that doesn't search "y/" on yahoo but just goes to the site "y". and this appeared randomly yesterday so i have no clue what to do about this...


  • @proqbr It's just showing what you are typing. If you add a letter, it would show there like, for example, ya

  • @leocg not sure I get you, 2 days back all I had to do to go to youtube was to press 'y' and enter. now I can't because of this new unremovable top result.

  • @proqbr Probably because it was automatically completing the address, that is what usually happens here when I type Y in the address bar.

    For some reason, Opera is not being able to do the same in your case. Normally it happens when Opera does not have enough parameters to make a choice with just one letter typed.

  • @leocg yeah but i did nothing out of the ordinary recently, this bug just happened out of nowhere and i can't find a fix...

  • @proqbr It happens naturally due to your surfing habits.

    Try typing YouTube more times in the address bar.