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  • When I reply a mail the Composer always starts is Plain Text mode despite the fact that in my preferences I set 'Prefer HTML Formatting'. Is there any way to fix it on my side or is it a bug?

    There isn't a way to fix it and it isn't a bug. "Prefer HTML Formatting" means that if there's an HTML part in the message and you reply, Opera will start in HTML compose mode. If there's only plain text in the message you're replying to, Opera replies in plain text to match.

    So, it works as intended. The issue is that there's no "Always reply in HTML" option".

    Is there any pan to release a 64 bit version for Windows?

    No. But, just use the 64-bit version of Opera 12.16/17 must for mail. In "Alt + P -> advanced -> programs", set/add the http and https protocols to open with the default browser so that clicking on links in messages works as expected.

    When you have people of the likes of Burnout opting for another email client

    Yep. I switched to Thunderbird a while ago. Not really a hard switch at all. You can do almost all of the same things. Of course, Thunderbird x64 isn't supported very well and Enigmail doesn't work in it. So, you're stuck with 32-bit Thunderbird.

  • I wasn't sure which client you chose. So... Thunderbird, eh? I'm using Outlook since I purchased Office 365 and it's part of that program. But in truth, I'm finding it more attuned to a business email program than for an individual. I'll need to take a longer look at it.

  • Sorry if I should have started a new query, but I couldn't find a new query option.

    I have used Opera for the lat few years, for the last week or so I have been getting an intermittent error message saying "There was a problem initializing Opera mail" despite the fact I don't use Opera Mail, only Opera 12.17 as aweb browser.

    I have deleted and reinstalled Opera to no effect.

    Is there a setting to turn off the attempts to start Opera Mail?

    George Humphries

  • Sorry if I should have started a new query, but I couldn't find a new query option.

    See here for example. Click the "Start a new discussion" link with the blue background. It's above the search field. It's looks more like a banner/header than a button you'd click, but that's it.

  • Thank you, new discussion started.


  • Hi guys,
    thanks for all the reply.

    I chose the standalone Mail client because I used Opera for a very long time and I used its built-in mail client for years.
    Unfortunately I had to ditch the old Opera because more and more pages became sluggish or even non-functional. The 64 bit version of Opera was even less reliable in my experience. I finally switched to a different browser and using two different browsers side by side just to use one's built-in client was not an option.
    Opera Mail seemed to be the right choice because it uses the same engine and I hoped the transition will be smooth.
    And so it was.
    But if it is abandoned by Opera as you guys say I have to find another e-mail client.

    Any ideas besides Thunderbird and Outlook?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Is there an alternative to Opera Mail/M2 other than Thunderbird (and, I don't have Outlook)?

    I want a mail client that support POP3 and IMAP, and that same save every message has individual files like Opera/Opera Mail (M2) does (.mbs files).

  • I'm not sure but i think that Opera Mail ua the only one that stores messages in individual files.

  • Sylpheed can import and export a message as an mbox file. I think it stores messages in mbox files too. Just don't remember if it's one file per message or if multiple messages are stored in the mbox file like Thunderbird does. But, there are always mbox file splitters you can use.

    There's also Claws Mail which is based on the Sylpheed backend.

  • I switched to PostBox; got two licenses for $13 - installable/useable on any machine you personally use (Mac|Win).
    PostBox has conversation-view/threading like Opera-M2/Gmail, and most if-not-all M2 features; it's *actively developed and less buggy/quirky than M2. PostBox appears to be based on FF-core as modified Firefox/Thunderbird extensions can be installed :: Enigmail (PGP), GoogleCalendar, etc.

    (*) M2 development is dead, has it even been updated since it's original stand-alone release? The certificate signing is from June 2013, so at least 16 months now.

  • For the last 2 weeks or so, OM has failed to send (smtp) or receive (imap) mail from or to my Gmail account. I have confirmed the suggested client settings and it was working well for a very long time. It just suddenly stopped. Any insight?

  • ^^ Would be best to post that question in a new thread.