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Extensions hidden when using Opera in many places

  • Hi,

    I'm using Opera on Linux and Opera GX on Windows.
    Each time I switch, on the first load, almost all the extensions are hidden and I have to show them again.
    Is there any action / configuration to prevent this to happen please? Is it a bug?

    Thank you.

  • @tithugues So you are saying that the extension that you have pinned become unpinned when you start Opera?

  • @leocg that's it.

    I've a few extensions pinned (as you can see below) and when I switch, almost all of them are unpinned. I don't know why, only the CrankWheel one is still pinned. For information, this is not the only one installed on both sides.

    Thank you.

  • @tithugues So they are somehow unpinned both on Windows and Linux? The same extensions?

  • @leocg no, I don't have the same extensions on both systems.
    On Linux, I've the one showed in the previous screenshot: CrankWheel, Marinara, LastPass, ...
    On Windows: CrankWheel, LastPass.

    To be honnest, there is something I wonder: did I install the same LastPass extension on both side? I mean, maybe one is from the Opera Store and the other from Chrome store. If so, and if CrankWheel is installed from the same store on both side, then the rule would be: on load, unpin all the extensions that are not synchronized remotely. (I expect that each time I use one instance, then extensions list is kind of synchronized.)

    Unless you already have an idea about my issue, I'll check the LastPass extensions and maybe I'll try to install exactly the same extensions on both side and see how to behave.

    Thank you for looking for my issue.

  • @tithugues If there were the same extensions, I could think of some issue with the extensions or even with sync.

  • So… My assumption was right: I got the chrome extension (of LastPass) on Windows and the opera extension on Linux.
    On Windows, I removed the chrome extension and installed the opera extension.
    And now… I notice the synchronization icon that I never saw before. So I think that, indeed, there were a synchronization issue!
    I'll see in the next if I still have some troubles when switching from one instance to the other!

    Thank you for your help @leocg !