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How to tell if PDFium is working under Opera Developer v25? How to enable ?

  • How to tell without a doubt that PDFium is working under Opera Developer v25?

    How to enable ?

    How to delete all other browser PDF plugins to make sure that just PDFium is being used ?

    (Where are all the plugins being stored ? )

  • Go to opera://plugins/ to manage your plugins.

  • Ok. I know about opera://plugins/. I should have mentioned that.

    What I am trying to do is:

    delete the unwanted plugins from my computer or from where ever opera is finding the plugins:

    because I am trying to determine if PDFium is in fact working.

    For example, I have a plugin called "Chrome PDF Viewer" with a Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera Developer\25.0.1606.0\pdf.dll.

    Is this the old Chrome PDF viewer, or is the the internal PDFium viewer ?

  • Yes, Chrome PDF Viewer is the name of the PDFium-implementation, and as you can see it is a PPAPI-plugin.

    Why not only disable the plugins you don’t want to use?

    Soon Opera/Chromium on Windows and OS X will no longer support NPAPI-plugins, which is already the case on Linux.¹ Then PDFium will probably be your only PDF-viewer in Opera.


  • Yes I am aware of the depreciation of NPAPI-plugins.

    As I said in my email I am trying to:

    1. not just disable plugins from Opera, but specifically how/where to DELETE them

    2. determine if "Chrome PDF Viewer" in the form of pdf.dll is in fact PDFium

  • Ok. I see where you said PDFium is Chrome PDF Viewer. Thanks. I thought that PDFium was an internal part of Chromium and not a plug in at all.

    I was under the impression that even if a plugin is disabled, it still used resources, was involved in the loading process, etc, and it was better not to have any extra plugins, and to use extensions where ever possible.

    So when comparing "PDFium" the PPAPI plugin versus the pdf.js extension, where would the significant points of comparison be in regards to speed, resource usage and compatibility be?

  • Native code is usually faster than JavaScript, and I don’t think this is an exception. I haven’t used pdf.js much, though.

    Regarding compatibility (or rendering quality), I think PDFium is the winner. It has a good renderer (from Foxit¹). When I open this PDF² with pdf.js (Firefox 32), an image on page 6 is missing. PDFium (Opera 25/Chrome 38) renders the PDF correctly.