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The High CPU/RAM/ETC Usage Topic - Opera GX

  • The High CPU/RAM/ETC Usage Topic - Opera GX

  • In the middle of streaming earlier (nothing open other then opera, discord, and streamlabs OBS) i noticed my fans reving up in my computer so i took a look in task manager and speccy and sure enough opera was using 100% of my cpu and causing my CPU to go to 95 degrees celcius. I tried restarting my computer but the moment i reopend opera it went right back up so i thought maybe its becaus ei have many tabs open but it wasent, I then realized alot of it was because of youtube or any video. if i have anything playing it immediatly goes up. if i try to load more then maybe 5 tabs at once it goes up. when i open opera it goes up. even when i limit the cpu usage in opera. and note once i restarted my computer the only things i had open were opera, task manager, and speccy so my discord and SLOBS dont seem to have been a problem.


    just to make it easy those are stats

    anyone know of a fix or anything that may help? i dont wanna hurt my parts trying to listen to some music 😞

  • So i was just playing some games when i noticed that Opera was really laggy. Opened Task Manager and noticed it uses 1GB of ram with 1 single tab open. I have 8GB total and including all the other (2) programs i have opened, closing opera gx makes the RAM go from 60% to 40%~. Also what i have noticed is that on Task Manager it shows 18 different tabs (?) and all of em use a total of 800mb minimum. If im actually working while having multiple tabs opera can easily hit 1.5/2gb. RAM limiter also doesnt work at all

  • Hello,
    I looked on the internet for a solution but didn't find one so I'm asking one the forum

    so my problem is that opera uses very high amounts of CPU it is so high that I cant watch youtube without lagging (CPU - I7700k)
    I have the same problem even if I reset my pc completely it is lagging and other browsers don't lag that much

    Thanks in advance

  • @zhimhd Open Opera's internal task manager and check what is using that much CPU.

  • @leocg well nothing
    but if I do something with youtube, like open a video or something like that it goes up to like 20 or 50 %
    and if I click on a video and scroll etc it even goes up to 100 to 150%

  • @zhimhd And did you check with a YouTube video running?

  • @leocg if no video is running it is 0%

  • @zhimhd That's why you need to check while the problem is happening.

    Video processing uses a lot of CPU, specially if the codec can't be hardware accelerated.

  • @leocg that's cool but even if I do 1 thing like scroll it goes up to like 60%
    and the thing is that other browsers work perfectly fine but opera

  • @leocg Hi! I haven't said anything on this forum in a couple weeks as I've been changing my CPU cooler and such in hopes of keeping my temps under control while trying to fix this. I know you were talking to the other person in this forum, but i have a screenshot of both Opera's task manager and Window's task manager when the problem is occurring. I chose when watching a YouTube video because its the easiest one to grab. The usage/temp problem gets the worst whenever i start/open opera (brings it to 100% CPU usage) and whenever i seem to open or load a new tab it uses quite a bit and makes my temps jump quite a bit.

    unknown.png unknown (3).png

    If you need any other info from me let me know, I'd like to fix this problem asap, also sorry about having my game open in those screenshots, just know it doesn't make a difference to how opera reacts.