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Twitch streams stutter in GX, but not normal Opera

  • In Twitch streams, the video is choppy/freezing, buffering...just totally unwatchable.

    Everything just lags.

    I tested limiters on and limiters off, but it did not help, nor restarts. Last night everything worked fine.
    I tested everything out on the original Opera browser... Nothing like these issues happen on that, so I've had to switch back to the main Opera browser, because I can't do anything on Opera GX now until they fix it.

    Current Opera GX version: LVL1 (core: 64.0.3417.167)

    My PC Specs:

    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4670K CPU @ 3.40GHz (clocked to 4.6)
    RAM: 8 GB
    GPU: GeForce GTX 1050
    System Type: 64-bit OS, x64-based processor
    Windows Specs:

    Windows 10 Pro
    Version: 1903
    OS Build: 18362.592

  • The same is happening with youtube.
    No way of using this browser.

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    Same here. Its for every Video I watch (Twitch, YouTube, Clipfish etc)

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  • Im just watching videos in 720p 60fps on youtube and 720p or 480p on twitch. I noticed that this stuttering happens, when the popout video option is turned on. Have you guys tried to disable it? (in the opera settings I mean) I know its not a solution and they really should do something about it, but as a temporary workaround, you could try to disable it, maybe it will help.

  • @stanislavstratil I tried that. It worked, but as soon as you tab out it still begins to lag.

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  • I give up on this browser.
    watching videos is mostly impossible.

  • I'm having the same issue on youtube and twitch.
    LVL 1 (core: 66.0.3515.75)

  • Hi guys,
    If you are on Mac or Windows, try to enable this flag opera:flags#ffmpeg-demuxer-everywhere, restart the Opera, and see if this changes anything.

  • @l33t4opera said in Twitch streams stutter in GX, but not normal Opera:

    Hi guys,
    If you are on Mac or Windows, try to enable this flag opera:flags#ffmpeg-demuxer-everywhere, restart the Opera, and see if this changes anything.

    The problem persists.

  • @hk3wx Maybe there's some problem with using the driver for your graphics card in the browser. You can try to disable HW acceleration in Settings > system: opera:settings/system, relaunch the browser, and check if that helps.

  • @l33t4opera Issue still not fixed. In other browser it works fine tho.

  • Hi @justtheaverageuser, first of all, the issue may be a bit more complicated for Opera GX, since it's quite fresh and different product from the "normal" Opera stable. Also, the streaming may behave differently on certain hardware - I mean CPU/GPU models.
    The version of Chromium in both Operas is the same for now, so it shouldn't be cause of the problem.

    However, when it start stuttering, you can try few more things:
    1. Change to lower video quality in player - for example 720p or 480p. Maybe that will help a bit in your case,
    2. Check if the "Low Latency" option is enabled under Advanced, and if not enable it, and see if it makes any difference,
    3. Enable "Video Stats" in Advanced, and see if it drops a lot of frames under "Skipped Frames".
    If so, make sure that the player is not using the flash plugin (instead of H.264 codec).
    It shouldn't use it, since it looks to be dropped a while ago. But if this is the case, you can try to disable HW acceleration in the plugin - there are many videos/tutorials on the internet on how to do that.

  • so I dont know which one fixed this for me because I forgot to test it out after enabling opera://flags/#ffmpeg-demuxer-everywhere and Shared Start Page and Override software rendering list. Then I Debloated My windows 10 and it helped tremendously for me atleast twitch doesn't lag anymore video Pop Out doesn't lag anymore etc.

    I dont know which one did it but just enable all and debloat windows 10 hopefully it works on future people who gonna watch

  • disable hardware acceleration, this worked for me. had this problem since months... now, everything is fine

  • for me whenever i disable the vpn while watching videos it fixes the issue immediately going from stuttering at 480p to streaming perfect at 1080p60

  • Have the same issue, dropping 20/40 frames per second. It's isolated to opera only, no issues in other browsers.