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  • Your version of Windows: 10 Pro x64

    Your version of Opera: 74.0.3911.203

    A description of the problem, including as much as information as possible: When I click on the X button to close the browser, it just doesn't close

    Expected behavior: Browser should be closed, when I click on the X button, as it was for many years, and all other apps and programs do.

    Actual behavior : It doesn't close. The browser doesn't close. When I click on it, nothing happens. It doesn't tell me anything, doesn't ask anything, just doesn't do anything

  • @arthurcloud The other buttons, minimize, maximize/restore work?

  • @arthurcloud Same issue

  • have been having the same issue for 2-3 weeks now ...
    Also It seems that opera has some serious resource consumption issues. When i open a chart in tradingview[.] com, it gets absolutely unusable after a few minutes eating a lot of CPU and memory. I do not have the issues with any other browser.

  • @leocg said in Opera doesn't close:

    @arthurcloud The other buttons, minimize, maximize/restore work?

    Yes, they work correctly. Only the X button sometimes doesn't work. Like, if I opened the browser just now, I can close it with that X button, but if I try to close it after some time, like few hours, then it doesn't close. So I either have to close it with Task Manager, or CMD Taskkill command

  • @arthurcloud What about the exit menu, does it work? And the keyboard shortcut?

  • @leocg said in Opera doesn't close:

    @arthurcloud What about the exit menu, does it work? And the keyboard shortcut?

    Doesn't work too.
    Google says it's Ctrl+Shift+X, is that right?
    If yes, then doesn't work too

  • @leocg also on the task bar, when I right click and choose "Close window" it doesn't work too.

  • Kill Opera in the task manager, restart your computer, uninstall Opera (don't choose to delete your data for now), and reinstall.

    If that doesn't do the trick, test in a standalone installation. If Opera works fine there, you know it's something with your profile. If Opera doesn't work fine there either, goto the URL opera://settings/system and disable hardware acceleration. When you kill Opera and start it back up, goto the URL again and make sure hardware acceleration is still off. If not, kill Opera and modify its shortcut to pass --disable-gpu to launcher.exe. If that doesn't work, I'd look for issues outside of Opera.

    Now, if you find out it's your Opera profile that's causing the issue, I would goto the URL opera://about, take note of the "profile" path, kill Opera, and delete the 3 history files in Opera's profile directory. You'll lose your history of course, but that might fix it as those files recently got corrupted for some users.