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  • @horseshrink - nothing wrong with nostalgia - I reckon it keeps us sane in an emerging technological climate apparently devoted to upgrading for the sake of upgrading. Lot of false economies we can look back on, in the hardware area.
    As to software and email clients I believe there is intrinsic value in preserving even such abstract examples of provenance, or "grandfathering". I don't know how many of us still fly the flag for the original Operamail but how good would it be to be taken back into the fold with Vivaldi?

  • @arobbo Well, that Wikipedia page says nothing about the domain.

  • I am spamming my own thread but it seems that a fellow Australian has already outlined my thoughts in the comments section to

    OziIan3880 last month
    Hello all from Australia.

    YAY Vivaldi Team!

    Only this week I was told by my email provider (Fastmail) that Opera M2 would no longer be able to access their servers (for security reasons).
    In fact it was the Fastmail support team who provided a link to this forum.

    I've used Opera from about v3.2 and Operamail M2 was, and still is, so fantastic.
    It is a tribute to those early M2 developers that M2 has worked perfectly, without updates for over 20 years.
    That has to be a software record!

    I've used Vivaldi since 'The Split' from Opera.
    I've always championed an M3 but became disillusioned that it would never happen, so I stayed with M2.

    But Now ...

    Well done John & the Vivaldi Team and Thank You.

  • @arobbo -> link is dead.

  • Could it be a test ? To see how users would react ? I know of 4 users of OperaMail, and just 1 user got such a mail.

    Did some digging in my paper-archives, the oldest print I can find is August 10th 1998, using Operamail for my mortgage. On internet there is only the remark Operamail started together with Opera 3.5, I had contact with Sandra Thorbjrnsen ? She's now unfindable..... In my memories I started using Operamail in summer, that's July 1998, perhaps a beta-version. It started with just 2Mb storage.

    There was a discussion with Fastmail in dec 2019, because I stated being longer costumer then Fastmail existed.

    Anyway, I pay, and the deal was without expiry date. So I will protest against pulling the plug out of Operamail. And though quite happy with Fastmail, don't mind which provider takes over.

  • @boonstra I don't think it's a test. I guess it's just the natural progress of things.

  • @leocg said in Operamail future?:

    @arobbo Most probably the Opera that owns that domain is not the same Opera that runs this forum.
    Opera was splitted when it was sold and this Opera was left only with the browser making part.

    The other Opera, whose name changed to Otello Corporation kept the rest.

    Based on this I would surmise that Otello owns

    Dell Laptop 986.png

    Dell Laptop 985.png

  • @rif First, Opera Software Asa and Opera Software As may not be the same thing.

    Second, the registrant name is the original name back on 1990"s or it's the current name?

  • @leocg said in Operamail future?:

    @rif First, Opera Software Asa and Opera Software As may not be the same thing.

    Second, the registrant name is the original name back on 1990"s or it's the current name?

    I'm just assuming ASA and AS are the same. I just can't see it being a different company.

    I just checked a couple of domain names that I know for sure have changed ownership and it always lists the current owner.

    All this being said, I do hope we will get some official notice on this.

  • @horseshrink When the browser making part of Opera was sold to the Chinese group, Fastmail was already no longer owned by Opera.

    And no, I don't think it's related to politics or international relations.

    It's been a decade that Opera has nothing to do with the email service and now the last connection with it is being cut.

    Just business following its path.

  • @leocg Trying to figure out what Opera had to lose by continuing to allow the Operamail brand to be used.

  • @horseshrink A very important thing, its name.

    Back there in 1998 it made sense to offer an email service, have its name associated with an special email domain, but now in 2021 it no longer makes sense.
    Also, a lot of things have changed in those two decades and Opera now basically makes browsers and has nothing to do with that email domain/service and, I guess, don't want to still have its named associated with it.

  • @leocg Received this from Fastmail Customer Support:

    "Hello {me},

    Thank you for contacting Fastmail support, I can absolutely understand your reluctance to move away from the domain.

    Unfortunately, this decision is out of our hands. Opera has decided that from June 2022, we will no longer be able to offer our customers email addresses at

    When Opera takes the domain Operamail back in June 2022, they will not be offering their own mail service with it, and they don't have any plans to offer email in the future.

    So I am afraid there is no option to keep your email address past June 2022.

    This is why we are encouraging people to change their email addresses now so they have time to let everyone know about their new email address.

    Please feel free to contact us again if you have any other questions or concerns. We're here to help.

    {FastMail support person's name}"

  • @boonstra apologies - somehow the ";" got included in the URL and it's a furphy - this should work [](link url)

  • @arobbo

    It sucks (

    Like others here I've been an operamail user since day one and it's a bit like having a limb removed to lose my email address this way.
    I'm even more annoyed since I've only recently paid fastmail for two more years use of their service. I doubt they'll offer a refund if I decide not to continue.

  • @hughmar said in Operamail future?:

    I've only recently paid fastmail for two more years use of their service. I doubt they'll offer a refund if I decide not to continue.

    They might. They're pretty awesome at Fastmail.

  • @burnout426 -> Agree, and the service of Fastmail is quite OK. I had a little issue with Outblaze in the past, but that's it.

    Still some things are strange, i know of 3 people using Operamail. Just one has gotten such a mail. Personally I did not receive such a mail of unilateral stopping service...

    Then the other thing i'm very curious about, how many operamail users are left ?

  • @boonstra I would assume there are quite a few of us - the operamail address has cachet which means those who have it want to hang on to it. It's my main email address and I would very much prefer stay put. OK so I've got a couple of years to move over to but why break something that has worked perfectly well since time almost immemorial. There must be other solutions.

    I tend to agree with the suggestion that this is a test run to gauge resistance - after all if the perpetrators were serious about it, then every single operamail account holder would have received the same email. And I can't believe it is that difficult to make alternative arrangements to continue with this email address.

  • I have hunted around for other threads with operamail but cannot find any. As a long time Opera user, I also signed up, many years ago, to operamail. This service was hived off and is currently operated by fastmail (an Australian company).

    I am very well satisfied with the service. Unfortunately fastmail have recently advised me that they will not be able to renew my subscription because Opera is taking back the operamail address.

    I can see nothing here concerning this. I amvery keen to retain my current operamail e-mail address so would like to know what, if any are your plans in this respect?