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Blocking many sites for various 'not secure' warnings, unable to proceed anyway

  • For about a couple of weeks now, since re-installing Opera on a different 64-bit machine (previously 32-bit) — versions is 74.0.3911.203 — I haven't been able to access many websites that involve secure payment facilities, even though they are reliable sites I have often visited many times before. The error messages seem to vary slightly, but all seem to revolve around "invalid certificates" etc. In the past, there used to be an option to allow you to proceed anyway, with a warning that the connection was "unsafe"; but that option now seems to be missing. As a result, there are many perfectly sites I need to visit for various transactions that I simply can no longer access. Including sites like the official Frenc ntional 'post office' site!!
    I have looked at my Opera security settings, but cannot find anything that might relax this overly-strict security block.
    Help, please, this is interfering with my work 😧

  • @dusty87 The Continue anyway item is hidden under the Details button. But in general ... is your clock set properly? If the date (especially the year) is off Opera may conclude the certificates are incorrect - either not supposed to be in use yet or expired. Either one will get that result.