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  • I am using 74.0.3911.160 on a Win7Pro PC.
    I think this problem has been happening since version 62 but I haven't been able to post until now - I was hoping this problem would go away with an update.
    The browser will only keep 1 previous day of history. Older than that is gone.
    Yes, I have Iobit ASC Pro but I have had AutoClean and AutoCare turned off for a couple of weeks. No change.
    Before that, I removed all Opera cleanup. No luv there either.

    To save things for my usage, I have to use a separate tab for each search; leave all tabs used open until I'm finished surfing; and then use Session Buddy to save all of those open tabs.

    I saw where this has been a problem since 2018!
    Please help

  • Does it happen in a standalone instalation also? If so, temporarily create a new user account on Windows, log into it, make a standalone installation of Opera on that account and test it. Does it work fine on that account? You'll have to test the standalone on that account for a day or 2. But, don't import anything into it and don't enable Opera Sync.

    Do you have a password set for your user account on Windows?

  • @burnout426 - I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. I did the standalone installation that you suggested. Great Idea.
    Now I'll start using this setup to test and see what happens, or if it works all right.
    Yes, I have a password on my Windows User Account. Why do you ask?

  • @kailasa108 said in History deleted daily:

    Yes, I have a password on my Windows User Account. Why do you ask?

    Chromium-based browsers encrypt your login data based on a lot of things including your user account password. See this post for details. Chromium-based browsers also protect some other data from modification, with hashes that may also be based on some things including your user account password. I not sure about the specifics with history, and not sure about what happens when there's no password set for the user account, so I was asking if you had a user account password just to rule out one not being set as an issue.

  • Ohhhh, OK. That's new info....
    I Do have a sync account on the original Opera install I've been running. As you suggested, the new install has nothing except the included Opera ad-blocker extension.

    Thanks for getting back to me again. By Friday I should know if this bare-bones install has the same problem or not.
    I'll let you know what happens (fingers crossed) - quicker than my first reply.🤦🏼♂

  • @burnout426 - Update from 3/26 - The new "virgin" Opera installation seems to be keeping All of the history!
    So, what to do at this point? Add in extensions 1-by-1 and see if any of them break history?
    Or do you have another suggestion?
    Thank you!

  • @kailasa108 Checking if an extension is the cause of the issue would be interesting.

  • @kailasa108 said in History deleted daily:

    So, what to do at this point? Add in extensions 1-by-1 and see if any of them break history?


    If that doesn't lead to breakage though, test if Opera Sync causes the problem would be next.

  • @burnout426 - Thanks much! I'll try to get to this over the weekend....

  • @burnout426 - Well, I'm laughing and scratching my head. When I rebooted my machine today, I only had one shortcut to Opera, instead of the two I had yesterday. Grimacing, I clicked on the one shortcut, and it opened - it was the old profile, with all the extensions I use and Sync is running.
    Just to check, I looked at History, and was I shocked! It's all there!! Not only the dates I had used on the new profile, but history going back to February!! So, it seems no history was actually missing at all - it just wouldn't show before.
    Sooooo, I don't know what happened, but it looks like Opera fixed itself!

    Thanks again for your help - you got the 'ball rolling'!