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YouTube videos freeze when you scroll down and up again.

  • @palx !'ve just checked and it's not happening here.

  • @leocg What can I say.... I had a problem prior with Opera on YouTube, it was freezing the cursor when I paused the video. That resolved by itself somehow..... It also doesn't go to send feedback on YouTube, I get the:
    "403. That’s an error. We're sorry, but you do not have access to this page. That’s all we know."

    Now after the update, for me here, it is a mess, you cannot even watch a video without complications, and it is not like I have an old set up on my Computer........ Thank you for the interest though.

  • Hi, the same thing started happening to me as well.
    Be it scrolling down the site to comments section, or even pulling up Discord, when I go back video freezes for between 3 to 8 seconds.
    I am on laptop, but Palx above doesn't seem to be on one.
    Is there any way to disable the resource saving?

  • @leocg Not even it is happening here.

  • @mrplaner For me the culprit for the "YouTube videos freezing when scrolling" problem, was that the screens refresh rate had somehow changed from 60hz to 30hz. See if yours has changed.

    My guess is that because the videos on Opera and Chrome stop when they are out of focus, as leocg stated, when the refresh rate is low, it as a result freezes the video. This problem doesn't happen on Firefox for example when the refresh rate is on 30hz.

    I also did a clean Windows installation and the "cursor freezing when pausing a YouTube video" problem stopped, until Windows installed the "Feature Update to Windows 10, version 20H2".

    After that it has started again to freeze the cursor whenever I pause a YouTube video on high resolution and this happen only on Opera, unfortunately.

    Notice that both those problems, at least for me, happen only on my 4K TV with an 8 meter HDMI cable, never on my Pc monitor.

  • @palx I'm on laptop, so my screen refresh rate is always locked to 60Hz.
    I'm also using Windows 10 pro N version, the one without media features but those have been already installed, long time ago.
    I turned off what some people suggested, like hardware acceleration in video encoding/decoding and hardware acceleration for the whole browser, but nothing really helped so far.
    And clean installation of Windows 10 is not something I can do at the moment. I have my university stuff to finish, so at least half a year more till I can think about doing a re-install of everything.
    I will try reinstalling Opera or maybe waiting for the next update for either Windows or Opera.
    Thanks for the help though!

  • @palx said in YouTube videos freeze when you scroll down and up again.:

    After the last update, I am experiencing a problem. Whenever I scroll down on a YouTube video to see the comments and scroll up again to the video section, the video has frozen still and the sound is normal. Sometimes it starts going fast, but the sound is again normal. And sometimes it stops entirely and stays still with the reloading icon. The same thing started happening to Chrome after the update it did those last days also. It doesn't happen on Firefox. Is it a known problem of the browsers or should I look for it in another angle?

    I literally switched to Opera, cause this started happening in Chrome and no supposed solution was fixing it. Yeasterday Opera updated itself for me and this started happing with it to, so the issue is clearly with the recent Opera update. I suspect the origin is somewhere in Chromium. It definitely relates to how Chrom, Opera update videos that are playing offscreen or in background tabs, prior to this Opera just refreshed the video window if i scrolled back or switched tabs, not even full refresh just quick grey flash at worst without hoggin all the resources. Now the video just freezes and it eat all the CPU or GPU power.

    I think it's not just youtube, but Twitch too and maybe any service there you can watch video. Try running a Youtube video at 2x speed at 1080P and scrolling to comments, switching tabs or just clicking on a different tab on another monitor - All of those produced freezing results to varying degree. IF you run Task Manager at the same time and depending on Hardware Acceleration being disable\enabled you can notice spike and almost 100% usage of CPU or GPU. I can literally backscreen and reset both my monitors if i enable Hardware Acceleration and just scroll to the youtube comments when the video is playing, since Opera can spike GPU usage to 100%. Again same started happening with with Chrome a month or 2 ago, also was after an update, but i wasn't 100% sure then.

    I really hope this gets resolved. I tried Opera Developer version that's out now and it's still an issue there. Will try going back to past opera version and chek if it fixes this issue.

  • The solution i found out seems to be a rollback to Opera 73 from January, it fixed this completely for me. Sadly don't know when exactly the same issue started in Chrome, so i don't know which version to rollback to.

  • I don't know if outside links are allowed, but Chrome 89, 90 apparently fixed this. Although issue might be back in Chrome 90 in some capacity.

    This a Chromium bug threads i found about issues that sound similar that are supposedly fixed in Chromium iteration 89, 90, but still migt be back in some form in 90. Opera just recently updated to Chromium 88 there this issues seem to have originated from.

  • I seem to have found the root of the problem I faced, with the cursor freezing on YouTube. I am going to write here the solution, so if anybody faces the same problem in the future, and comes searching, he will understand how to fix it. As I said I was having the problem only when I was on the 4K screen. So as time went by, I noticed that the cursor, as I was watching YouTube on fullscreen and it started to not work, when I paused the video, was also being distorted and when I right-clicked on the screen and the context menu appeared, the cursor started working normally again. Since the two screens are of different resolution, one is 1920X1080 and the other 3840x2160, I always had to go to Windows Display Settings and set "Change the size of text, apps and other Items" to 200% on the 4k screen in order for everything to look OK proportionally. This seems to not bide well will some apps and out of most of the browsers, the one affected is Opera, since the same problem never has happened to me, to this day, on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Vivaldi etc...So what you have to do is, locate the "Opera.exe" file, right-click on it, go to "Properties", go to the "Compatibility" tab and select "Change high DPI Settings", from there tick the "Override high DPI scaling behavior" option and set "Scaling performed by:" to "System" (other options won't work right). Click on "Apply", close and open the browser(if you have it opened) and the problem is gone. This solution is quite handy on other apps also. For example "Microsoft Word 2010" was loosing its cursor, "VLC Player", "Plex Media Player", an older version of "μTorrent" were having different from each other text size issues and so on. So there you have it...