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Switching default search engines

  • I have to agree to this -- adding duckduckgo and startpage, the two most prominent private search engines, wouldn't hurt anyone. I do know that we can use extensions for this, but imo it's just clumsy not being able to use them from the main input field. And yeah, ofc we can (and I do) use them with a letter shortcut, but it involves typing not only a letter but also a space after that. I have forgotten to type it a thousand times, it's unintuitive. Also if you copy/paste a search you have to input the damn shortcut again. It's really painful and the number of users complaining about this speaks for itself. It's been in the forums nonstop since opera 15 came out.

  • It's not even about increasing "Default search engines" list. There is an option to add your own search engine, which will be in "Other search engines" group.

    The only thing / problem, one can NOT make any search engine from that list as the default one.

    Which does look like that Opera is sponsored either by Google, Yahoo or Bing.

  • You cannot set non-standard search engines as default because third-party programs started changing users’ searches to malicious websites. Until we can fully protect against this attack, the ability to set a non-pre-installed search engine was default was removed.
    As for changing the auto-discovered location from within the browser, that is being discussed. Its very annoying and inconvenient when it fails. Fortunately, it “just works” for the majority of users.

    Any update on this?

  • Hi there,
    For some reason my default Opera search engine is, which is strange because I don't actually speak Korean or have Korean language settings as far (as I know). I want to change the default search engine to but under Preferences > Manage Search Engines it doesn't give me the option to edit Google Search, and if I add an "Other Search Engine" I can't set it as Default.
    Any help is appreciated.

    The redirection from to any other domain is based on your IP. If you've got a proxy connection using a Korean IP address, you will be most likely redirected to that country's specific domain, according to your IP address (if Google has a custom page for that country). This is not something that Opera can fix since it's not a bug.

  • The easy way to change the default search engine in opera is very simple'

    first add your favorite searchengine to the searchengines in the list
    I have the Dutch version so I'll give the buttons-
    in Extra (could be options in english) -
    use Shift F12 -
    panel choice= buttons -
    click; search -
    now simple drag and drop the new searchengine to the bar next to the original.
    now rightclick on the unwanted original and click remove from the bar

    the new searchengine is now the only searchengine and Google is out.

  • @fretty51 What happens when you restart Opera ?.

  • You cripple Opera, because some bad addons may do something? Honestly, if a user decides to install untrusted addons, it his problem. Maybe the addons need some certification system or something, but just removing core features from the browser because of that is ridiculous. It's like shutting down traffic, because someone crossed a red traffic light. Why don't you put intelligent users above stupid users for your application feature design?

  • This has to be the most BS excuse ever. In the times like these where request for privacy is more and more important, it's just impossible to use DDG on Opera Mobile, while it's added to the desktop version.

  • DuckDuckGo has been my default search engine for some time now. I really don't recall when I made it that way, but it's in the Default list.
    Now if I could just get rid of the Google search bar and Google from the default list.

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