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  • Two days ago the browser started crashing and when it crashed I heard some Fan inside the case running faster, I checked on HWMonitor and when the browser crashes it is the CPU usage that goes to 100% this happens when I open a tab new or see some images on whatsapp. I’ve been using the browser for a long time, it’s the best, but now it’s crashing a lot, it’s never crashed before.

  • I'm having a similar problem. Last night, out of the blue, my Opera browser started crashing. Every time I tried to open it, it would instantly crash. I've uninstalled and reinstalled three times, but it still happens every time I tried to open it. I've never had this problem before, with any version of Opera. I'm actually starting to wonder if it has something to do with the big hacking news that has affected Google services, considering Opera is essentially a clone of Chrome (not hating, just saying).

  • I'm having the same issue. When I open Opera, several windows open up and immediately shut down again. I uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted. Nothing seems to work. I'm not sure how to find profile data or other stored info that might prevent newly installed version from working. I can't follow instructions in opera's help guidelines because I can't get the browser to function at all. Never had a problem before, this happened out of the blue (tho I'm not sure if some auto update happened since last night).

  • @joaoneto

    I began view the same problem. Updated the opera two days ago and CPU load and temperature are higher than usual. Damn it! Opera has become a fetish software for who want to be suffer

  • Win7 with latest Opera update as of 12-14-2020:
    I've experienced the same frustrating problem over last few days. I drilled down to a glitch in the Sync feature (disappointing). Once I signed in, synced, closed browser and re-launched it went: crash-attempted auto recover-crash... (persistently).
    Could not get rid of problem with complete re-install. Tried a number of deletions in profile folder with only temporary results. Finally deleted whole profile in \Opera Stable\ folder (see path below) and was able to start from scratch with fresh install. It was painful to add back all of my preferences, custom pinned tabs, and extensions again (and again). Then closed and opened browser several times without issue. Tried logging in and syncing then logging out of sync and closing browser... Bang! Same crash issue.
    After building back my custom experience, I followed this procedure using Windows Explorer:

    1. Followed path "C:\Users[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable\Preferences"
    2. Copied and pasted "Preferences" (pasted as "Preferences - copy")
    3. Renamed to "Preferences.12-14-20"
    4. Opened browser, logged into sync, let sync, and logged out.
    5. Closed and reopened Opera... Crash!
    6. Followed path to "Preferences" file and deleted.
    7. Copied and pasted "Preferences.12-14-20" ("Preferences.12-14-20 - Copy")
    8. Renamed to "Preferences"
    9. Opened Opera and all of my custom pinned tabs, extensions, and preferences reappeared and functioned properly. Hot Dog!!

    a) Make a new (dated) copy of "Preferences" file after a fresh and properly operating install and after any subsequent customization.
    b) If you want a copy of your bookmarks on the Opera server so that your android devices can sync with them you'll want to run steps 4 - 9, until of course the Opera folks fix the glitch.
    Best of luck.

  • @rvbus0fl Thank you so much.

    I don't do synch but I made a copy of the preferences file as you described and deleted the original. Opened up Opera and it's open and working (for the moment anyway!) I didn't do anything else. No reinstall (I had already done that). So far, so good!

    Thank you! I generally hate fiddling around with these kinds of things even tho I worked in IT for years. It's so aggravating and time consuming but your post and directions were done so well that it was easy! Bless you!

  • @lt-ii I posted a fix a couple of hours ago and joanneleon used it to fix a variation of the problem. Good Luck.

  • @rvbus0fl said in Opera crashing:

    @lt-ii I posted a fix a couple of hours ago and joanneleon used it to fix a variation of the problem. Good Luck.

    I appreciate the effort, but now the installer won't even run. No idea why this started happening. I was actually running Opera as usual last night when it just suddenly started crashing. Can't even install it to be able to reach the app date folder now. Crazy.

  • @lt-ii You might want to do a complete uninstall; reboot; then in windows explorer go back to the path in step #1:
    "C:\Users[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable"
    and completely delete the contents in the "Opera Stable" folder including all sub folders.
    You may find that the installer will work again after that.
    Good luck.