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  • Hello,

    Today i did a factory reset because i had some pretty severe problems i couldnt get fixed.

    Before resetting, i specifically chose the option "keep files". Just all my apps and programs would be deleted.

    I'm from origin a chrome user who converted to opera around a year back. I am highly used to being all my settings and stuff being saved and easy able to synchronized. With that mindset, i reset today. Just an hour ago, i installed opera again, and i thought everything would be neatly synchronized, and perfect.

    But my bookmarks have not showed up. I have a couple of hundred, some very old ones to and they are very dear to me.

    Who has some suggestions to getting them back?

    What i have tried;
    -"Import bookmarks and settings" from the settings menu. Nothing shows up when i go to the appdata folder, where a supposedly html file would be.
    -trying to find the bookmark file itself. I can see 2, but no idea what they mean. 1 is called "Bookmarks" and the other "BookmarksExtras". They also dont show up when i try to open from the setting recovery option.

    I want to emphasize that other files are perfectly retained. my whole mod folder, movies, downloads etc are all intact. I don't quite understand how my bookmarks got lost.

    Any help much appreciated!

  • @silencedmind Did you make ba backup? Was sync enabled?

  • @leocg No and no. As stated, I thought this was an automatic feature of opera.

    I did choose the 'retain files' option however before resetting, does that count for something?

  • @silencedmind Then I'm afraid your data is gone.

  • @silencedmind
    If sync is not enabled then it seems not possible to get
    Your bookmarks back after the factory reset.
    Always enable synchronization on Opera or any other browser.

  • @naheed Hi, I'm in the process of exiting the work world and want to make sure I still have all my bookmarks that are on my desktop. Most of them are of personal nature and a few are work related. I don't care about the work related ones and cal always delete them going forward. So if I have read the thread correctly by creating an opera account and enabling SYNC on everything it basically does a backup/export to my Opera account in the cloud?? If that is the case then we are all good to go land I can delete all of my personal stuff on the desktop PC. Hopefully, you or someone will see my post and reply fairly soon.


  • @naheed please disregard my previous question as I when ahead and tested my theory and it worked 100% Yeah. Now I can go enjoy my employment 😁

  • Just make sure to turn off Sync on the office machine before deleting you bookmarks there ...