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I'm thinking of defecting to Firefox - someone stop me

  • Thought someone here might be able to address a couple of my concerns about the latest versions of Opera and the lack of functionality they - seem - to have compared to earlier versions.
    Currently my main areas of concern are

    1. bookmarks - yes there is now a bookmark bar but I have hundreds of bookmarks saved (there are lots of sites I have recorded and this is really useful when needed). Its important I don't lose this ability to have my browser also be my personal site reference tool but there is no way I know of to import bookmarks from early versions of Opera into the latest Opera versions - does anybody know of a way to do this.

    2. entering opera:cache in the URL to inspect/access files websites are dumping on my computer no longer works. This is a really basic feature all browsers should have and one I like just in terms of principle if for no other reason: its my computer and I want to be aware of and in control of whats on it. There is no way I know of to access these cache files in the latest versons of Opera - does anybody know of any way to access those cache files in the latest versions of Opera.

    1. Opera Developer 25 has a bookmarks manager.

    2. You can try chrome cache viewer.

  • Did you click on the Opera Menu/More Tools/Bookmark Importer. That Bookmarks Importer was specficially designed to import bookmarks from the old Opera (Presto) to the new Opera (Blink). I'm assuming your bookmarks (the ones you want to import) are in Opera 12.17 or earlier.

    And you might find useful a good bookmarks manager, just for general management of your bookmarks. I think Chrookmarks for Chrome is quite good as a Bookmarks Manager,

    It's the Bookmarks Manager I'm currently using. Another possiblity I've tried and liked is: Neater Bookmarks,

    Play around a bit with them both,and decide which you prefer.

    Either of these bookmark manager extensions will give you, when you click on the extension icon, a nice vertical display of your bookmarks. Indeed, you might even find that with them, you can save space and not show the Personal Bookmarks Bar (which takes up space horizontally across the top of the browser) although that's a matter of taste there. To activate the Personal Bookmarks Bar you need to go Alt. P (Settings), and put a dot in show the bookmarks bar.

    To download a Chrome extension easily, you need the Opera extension, called Download Chrome Extension,

    or Extension Source Viewer,

    One last idea. I do think you might want to download the Opera extension Add Bookmark,
    as it makes it simple, when you take a bookmark, to put it in your bookmark tree.

    Now has leocg has suggested, the bookmarks manager situation in the native browser will be improving in Opera 25. People who have been using Opera Next and seen it, and been glowing in their description. Now, I'm happy right now with bookmarks, but still, there's something to look forward to. So hold on a bit. Don't leave Opera, it's just getting going. It's a wonderful browser right now (if you know what extensions to use) but it's going to become even better.

    You talk about a personal site reference tool, the new Opera is superb there. I love the way, in addition to traditional bookmarks, you can create a speed dial, where for each speed dial position, you can have a folder of items. Thus, in effect you have speed dials within the speed dial, giving you huge organizational possibilities. To create a folder in the Speed Dial, all you have to do is drag one speed dial thumbnail item on top of another. Then you can title the folder, and you're reading to really start organizing. And in addition to traditional bookmarks, and the Speed Dial (with folders) there's also Stash, for instant saving of items you want to look at again (maybe just to decide how to treat the item -- bookmark it later, put it in the speed dial, delete it, etc.). It can be perfect for items you want to save, just to read again.

    So come on, @gonkg, don't be a spoilsport 🙂 and defect. Give the browser a bit more time. I do think you will end up quite happy you did.

  • Waterfox 31(firefox 64bit) with these features(if i understood correctly) (Bookmarks were imported from Opera 12)

  • Like you, I/We are slaves to a LOT of existing bookmarks that we actually use. As previously posted, for US the Bookmark Manager [and a couple Cookie Control Tweaks] are the reason we left FireFox several years ago. That said, there ARE a small group of URLs that when opened in Opera, SOME part just doesn't work right. I've created a Bookmark Sub-Folder for those, so that when I open one in Opera 12.17, as soon as the main page snaps open, I automatically do the 'Open With...' to continue. I've been using Chrome for that, although Firefox...for that matter [spit] I.E. would let me finish my business. After being reminded that Opera 23.0 is [I guess] totally separate from 12.17...I have been using IT for the 'Open With...' URLs in the 'problem' subfolder. Seems to work fine, and since my Sandboxie [VM] forces "opera.exe"... either version opens in the sandbox. While I am certainly not happy with 23.0 AS IT STANDS ALONE, at least running it as Secondary lets me 'keep an iron in the fire' and my nose in the air to sniff when the Sons of Norway make 23.x to my liking.

    You might try it this way. Unless you like tearing your eyeballs from their sockets watching a bunch of bookmarks scroll by... OR, it is possible F/F has altered THEIR 'manager? I don't know that [nor care to find out]

    Good Luck


  • Thanks for all the replies.
    I'm partial to a bit of Opera - I've been using it for many years so I've decided for now to install 25 developer and trial that rather than going back to v12 or over to the other side. 25 does have some bookmark functionality. But its a bit clunky as you'd expect from a developer version. Annoyingly I cant find any import of bookmarks from earlier versions altho I did manage to dump my bookmarks (from an htm backup) into the bookmark manager but I don't see any way to manage or edit them from there. I see from inspecting the bookmark files the old opera .adr format is now changed - grrrr and no apparent backwards compatibility. If I get keen and have the time I might play with writing a bit of code to try to convert all my bookmarks .adr or htm into what I think is the new format but really it should not be necessary for users to do that. I certainly hope the Opera developers wont change the bookmark format from the existing developer version 25 when it becomes stable cause users who create their bookmarks want the ability to import them into the latest stable version. Also with the bookmark manager in v25 dev whats the difference between My Groups and My Folders? dont seem to be able to do anything with the My Groups part of it at all.
    I haven't had a chance to look at chrome cache viewer but I'll do an install of that and see how that works with Opera cache inspection and control before finally deciding on re-installing an old version of Opera or trying Firefox.

  • Now I initially suggested: "Did you click on the Opera Menu/More Tools/Bookmark Importer. That Bookmarks Importer was specficially designed to import bookmarks from the old Opera (Presto) to the new Opera (Blink). I'm assuming your bookmarks (the ones you want to import) are in Opera 12.17 or earlier."

    If that didn't work, you could import the Opera bookmark file of yours, bookmarks.adr, into the Chrome browser (as it does import from Opera), and then, once you have imported the bookmarks into Chrome, you can copy the bookmark file in the Chrome profile into the Opera profile.

    In any event, gonkg, Opera is a great browser, and I"m glad you're still giving it a try. I'm using myself Opera 23 (the last stable version of Opera) and really like it. You're using that advanced Developer version, so my "hats off" to you for bravery.

  • Thanks Lem, I did read your earlier post and I did look in More Tools but I didn't/don't see any option there to import bookmarks? Only options I see are "Clear browsing data" and "Enable developer tools". My Opera version is 25.0.1592.0 Perhaps I'm not looking in the right place or maybe that option is removed in the version I have for some work before being reinstated??

  • The Bookmarks Importer was designed to import from Opera Presto to Opera blink. That's how I got my Opera 12.15 bookmarks into Opera 20 (I believe it was) or 19. Sometimes, the Bookmarks importer is not active (it's greyed out). Here's a post by Leocg where he had some interesting thoughts on the issue and how to make it work.

    And then my other thought had been to simply import the Opera 12.17 bookmarks into Chrome, then copy the bookmarks file from the profile folder in Chrome to the profile folder in Opera.

    There are other approaches. And Opera is working on making the import function work better, including from third party browser. Still, you bookmarks were in an earlier version of Opera, so it should have worked.

    On the other hand, since you're using Opera 25, and seem to be doing okay, you may well not want to focus more on this. I guess it depends on how many bookmarks you had, and whether you were able to move the more important ones over the old-fashioned way :. One by one . . .

    I've had Firefox on my computer for years. And I know people have different opinions on this. But for me, there's just no comparison. Maybe it's look and feel, but I very much prefer the new Opera.

    Best of luck.